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Non-stop Melody!

Non-stop Melody!

Clan: Bermuda Triangle

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Star on Stage, Plon
During each main phase and each battle phase, it can get all of the abilities of cards with [Melody] in the soul!
Also, by placing one rear-guard with [Melody] in soul, you can draw a card, and get an Imaginary Gift:Force, Accel, or Protect!
Obtain many abilities by gathering more cards in the soul, with the [Melody] ability of "Colorful Pastorale, Canon"!

Prudent Blue, Miep
When placed and with a Counter-Blast, you may check the top seven cards of your deck, add up to two different cards with [Melody] in their names; put one into your hand and the other into your soul! If you and your opponent's vanguards have the same grade, this cost for this ability can be paid for with a Soul-Blast instead!
This is an excellent support card that can increase your soul while searching for a [Melody] unit!

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