Deck Recipe

Sparkling Radiant Splash!

Deck Recipe Sparkling Radiant Splash!

Clan: Bermuda Triangle

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PR♥ISM-Image, Vert
This unit gets an additional drive by binding a PR♥ISM unit from a rear-guard circle or the drop zone!
Also, when it attacks, you may call one card with PR♥ISM in its card name from the bind zone by returning all front row rear-guards to your hand!
If your opponent's vamguard is grade 3 or greater, you may call two cards instead!
With "Rosa" and "Clear" as rear-guards, determine the game outcome with Vert's triple drive!

PR♥ISM-Image, Rosa
When placed, look at the top seven cards of your deck, reveal up to two cards with "PR♥ISM" in their card names, and one to hand and bind the other!
Also, when placed from the bind zone, all front row PR♥ISM units get +10000 Power!
Gather PR♥ISM units in the bind zone to superior call with Vert's ability, while giving them a power-up!

PR♥ISM-Image, Clear
When placed, look at seven cards from the top of your deck, and add one grade 2 or higher card with "PR♥ISM" in its card name to your hand!
Also, when placed from the bind zone and at the cost of binding one PR♥ISM unit in the drop zone , you may draw a card, and this unit gets +10000 Power!
Call this unit with Vert's abillity, and power it while increasing your hand size!

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