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Fate-plundering Venom

Fate-plundering Venom

Clan: Megacolony

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Worm Toxin Mutant, Venom Stinger
Whenever a card is placed in your opponent's damage zone, this unit gets +10000 Power! When it attacks, place one rear-guard into your soul to negate the trigger effect of your opponent, and "steal" it during the battle! Furthermore, by Soul-Blasting a grade 3, recover up to two of your opponent's damage, and deal one damage to your opponent's vanguard for each card! Even if the damage is dealt by this ability, you can obtain the trigger effect!

Pincer Attack Mutant, Intrude Scissors
At the end of the battle your grade 3 or greater vanguard attacked, if a new card was put into your opponent's damage zone this turn, call this card from the drop zone! When placed, put one of your rear-guards to Stand, and this unit gets +10000 Power! If you damage your opponent with the ability of "Venom Stinger", you can definitely call from the drop zone!

Mutant Gentleman, High Class Moth
This card is regarded as a grade 3 when in your deck or soul! Rest this unit and put one normal unit under the deck from the drop zone to Counter-Charge, and prevent one of your opponent's rear-guards from intercepting! It is a convenient unit that can be used in combination with the "search for a grade 3 from the deck" and "Soul-Blast a grade 3" ability!

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