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Vermillion Catastrophe

Vermillion Catastrophe

Clan: Narukami

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Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion "THE BLOOD"
By placing a card from your hand into your soul, this unit gets +5000 Power, drive +1, and it battles all of your opponent's front row units! If you put "Dragonic Kaiser Vermilion" into your soul for this cost, it will get an additional 10000 Power and Critical +1! Every time you Soul-Blast a "Kaiser" unit, this unit gets +1 drive! At the end of that turn, deal this unit 1 one damage for each time this ability is used! The ability that increases the drive by 1 allows you to temporarily gain power that exceeds the limits, but at the end of the turn you receive damage in return. Use this ability when you want to conclude the game once and for all!

Spark Arrow Dragon
"If you have a vanguard with "Kaiser" in its card name, retire this unit to find and ride a "Kaiser" unit from your deck! In addition, when your opponent's rear-guard is retired during that turn, bind it instead of retiring it! Using your vanguard's ability to attack all of your opponent's front row, if the rear-guards are retired by the battle, they are binded instead! Works really well with cards such as "Rising Phoenix"!

Thunder Valet Dragon
When placed, look at the top five cards of your deck, add a "Dragonic Kaiser Vermilion" or "Spark Arrow Dragon" to your hand, and discard a card! When your Vanguard's attack hits, this unit gets +5000 Power! Set up your hand with this card! The power-up ability will increase this unit's Power by 5000 for each unit hit by the ability that allows it to battle all front row units!

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