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[VGE-V-BT12] Divine Lightning Radiance

Eradicator, Plasmacatapult Dragon
Eradicator, Plasmacatapult Dragon

Normal Unit
Thunder Dragon
Dragon Empire
Grade 2
Power 9000
Critical 1
Shield 5000
[ACT](VC/RC)[1/turn]:[COST][Counter-Blast 1 & Soul-Blast 1], choose one of your opponent's front row rear-guards, bind it, your opponent chooses one of his or her back row rear-guards, moves it to an open front row (RC), and if this unit is on (VC), you draw a card.
The rounds quivering in anger will shake the sky and break the earth.

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12-18-2020 [VGE-V-BT12] Divine Lightning Radiance Card List Product Page

[Eradicator, Plasmacatapult Dragon] is used in the follow Deck Recipes

Vermillion Catastrophe

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