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Legend of the Battlefield

Legend of the Battlefield

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Spectral Duke Dragon
If you have a "Black Dragon Knight, Vortimer" in your soul, it will wield 13000 Power during either turn! If your opponent's vanguard is grade 3 or greater, then critical +1! Also, at the end of the battle it attacked, retire three rear-guards, restand it, and it gets drive -1! Let's retire rear-guards and aim for two attacks with a large number of drive!

Black Dragon Knight, Vortimer
If you have a "Scout of Darkness, Vortimer" in your soul, it will wield 10000 Power during either turn! When retired from your card's ability, you can put this unit into your soul and Counter-Charge 1! Also, when rode upon by "Spectral Duke Dragon", look at the top five cards of your deck and call up to two among them as rear-guards! The ability to call rear-guards is powerful, not forgetting high power bring useful for both offense and defense too!

Scout of Darkness, Vortimer
When placed, look at the top seven cards of your deck, and add a "Spectral Duke Dragon" or "Black Dragon Knight, Vortimer" to your hand! When retired from your card's ability, put this unit into your soul, and your vanguard gets +5000 Power! Set up your hand with this card from the beginning! At the end of the game, retire it with the ability of "Spectral Duke Dragon" and power up the Vanguard!

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