Deck Recipe

Crimson Destroyer

Crimson Destroyer

Clan: Tachikaze

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Light Battle Dragon, Gigannoblazer
If three or more new equip gauges were put for your units this turn, all of your front row units get +5000 Power! Also, by paying the cost, you can draw two cards, call two cards from your hand as rear-guards, and put an equip gauge for each of those units!

Extortion Dragon, Spinoextort
When it attacks, you can draw a card by retiring your rear-guard, and call one card from the equip gauge of the retired unit! You can put an equip gauge for the called unit too! Awaken the power unit sleeping in the equip gauge, and launch a continuous attack!

Savage Shooter
When placed on the Vanguard circle, draw a card, call a card from your hand, and put an equip gauge on the called unit! By resting this unit, put an equip gauge from the drop zone on a rear-guard without an equip gauge! You can put a desired card as an equip gaige, so that it will go well with "Extortion Dragon, Spinoextort", which allows you to superior call from the equip gauge!

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