Deck Recipe

Shining Regalia of Creation

Deck Recipe Shining Regalia of Creation

Clan: Genesis

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Regalia of Wisdom, Angelica
All rear-guards with divine gauge cannot be chosen by your opponent's card effects, and +5000 Power! Also, when it attacks, you can choose up to two rear-guards, and put a divine gauge for each of those units! At the end of your opponent's turn, discard five divine gauges to heal a card from your damage zone! You can give your allies a divine gauge! If you have received a lot of damage during your opponent's turn, use its ability to recover!

Demon Exorcism Regalia, Thrud
When placed, you can put a divine gauge for this unit! Also, at the end of the battle it attacked or boosted, move all of this unit's divine gauge to another rear-guard, and put this unit into soul! This is a unit that can be placed with a divine gauge. After attacking or boosting, you can entrust its divine gauge to another unit!

Oblation Regalia, Var
When it attacks or boosts, you can put a divine gauge for this unit! By discarding one of this unit's divine gauges, you'll get to Soul-Charge of 3, and if the vanguard is a "Regalia" unit, you can retire this unit to get Counter-Charge 1! You can Soul-Charge and Counter-Charge by using your own divine gauge! Let's combo this with the abilities of other units!

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