Constructed Cup

CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD Special Series Tournament: Constructed Cup
Designed to be the premier-level proving grounds for Vanguard players,
the Constructed Cup is a Special Series tournament that come with a special spin to test the skills of participating players!
Holding true to its namesake, the Constructed Cup only allows players that adhere to special deck construction rules to participate!

So be sure to check out Bushi Navi to catch the dates for these tournaments,
as each official tournament store can only hold each of these tournaments once during the event period!

Fated Clash Constructed Cup

Participation Prize
(Each Participation PR pack consists of 1 of the following cards)

Top 8 Prize
(1 piece of the following card)

Champion Prize

Fated Clash Constructed Cup
Event Period:
April 19 – May 17, 2024

Tournament Format:
Cardfight!! Vanguard Standard Format

Special Deck Construction Rules:
Ride Decks of participating players can only consist of cards from Start Up Trial Deck 01 ~ 06 or Booster Pack 01: Fated Clash.
(Players are allowed to use cards from other products in their Main Deck)

Tournament Structure:
Swiss-system tournament* followed by single-elimination for top 8

(*Number of rounds will be dependent on the number of players and schedule, and will be capped at 7 rounds.)

Participation Prize:
All participants will receive 1 PR Pack.
With each PR Pack containing 1 random card out of 4 different types.

Top-8 Prize:
The Top 8 players will receive 1 copy of a full-art heal trigger card.

The champion will also receive a special full-art critical trigger card as addition.

*To participate in this event, participants will need to register for the tournament in advance using the Bushi Navi app. You may register for events around you with Bushi Navi.

Download Bushi Navi here:


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