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As we inch closer to winter, let’s bring out the heat with the latest Booster Set for the Standard format – D Booster Set 07: Raging Flames Against Emerald Storm. Take a look at the latest cards to prepare yourself for an exciting season of Vanguard!

New Additions!

This set, we’re bringing in a mix of cards to support previous ride lines! While there is the introduction of the illustrious “Blitz CEO, Welstra” ride line, most other cards focus on strengthening previous decks to reach greater heights!

Effect Triggers Reprints

We’re also reprinting key effect triggers! The Front and Draw effect triggers help to stabilize your defenses by gaining extra Shield, while the Critical effect trigger can refuel soul and give a tiny boost to another attacker! All in all, these cards are quite important in many decks, so do get your hands on these while you can!

Double Frame Rare and Frame Rare

We’ll continue to have new high rarity cards available in the FFR and FR rarity! If you have a sharp eye, you’ll notice that cards in this set have a unique frame compared to cards of the same rarity in D Booster Set 06, while still maintaining the full artwork for all to see! There is no better way to show your love for your deck than to get your hands on these!

New Dress Secret Rare Special Art by CLAMP

We’ll also be unveiling new DSRs for “Chakrabarthi Phoenix Dragon, Nirvana Jheva” and “Demonic Jewel Dragon, Drajeweled”! As is tradition, these rare cards feature special art by art designers CLAMP, showcasing the main characters’ bond with their main vanguard! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get one of these highly coveted cards!

Dark States World Original

Terrifying Wicked Dragon King, Vamfrieze

Terrifying Wicked Dragon King, Vamfrieze

This set, the World Original card is “Terrifying Wicked Dragon King, Vamfrieze”! Hailing from Dark States, it shares the same additional ability as “Hades Dragon Deity of Resentment, Gallmageheld”, conferring a continuous Power and Critical buff to your vanguard for the rest of the game! Should you drive check this card early in the game, you’ll definitely cruise to a victory!

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Flaring Cannon Equip, Baur Vairina, Break Equip Dragon, Urbargo, Pierce Equip Dragon, Valsable, and Lavamane Wyvern

In the heat of the battle, Vairina soars to new heights in a new form: “Flaring Cannon Equip, Baur Vairina”! By putting Baur Vairina in its X-OverDress state, you gain access to the rest of its potent abilities! You can retire an enemy rear-guard during your main phase; as long as you can pay the cost, you can use this ability repeatedly to clear the enemy board! Then, when this rear-guard attacks the opposing vanguard, it gains Power for each of your opponent’s open rear-guard circles; if your opponent has one or less rear-guards, Baur Vairina gains the ability to drive check for that battle! Use this blazing ally to lay waste to your opponent’s field, pressure with more drive checks and regain card advantage!

Supporting Baur Vairina are Prayer Dragons like “Break Equip Dragon, Urbargo” and “Pierce Equip Dragon, Valsable”! Both cards activate their abilities when they become an originalDress; Urbargo Soul-Charges 2 and retire an enemy rear-guard, while Valsable calls a grade 1 or less <Prayer Dragon> like “Crushing Equip Dragon, Khatyaguard” or “Sharp Equip Dragon, Adamaros” to the field! Last but not least, there’s “Lavamane Wyvern” that moves itself to soul after boosting your Nirvana vanguard to enhance one of your rear-guards with originalDress! This card package generates sufficient soul to activate Baur Vairina’s retire ability while strengthening it to be a potent attacker!

Meteor Flare Dragon, Assault Bullet of Dust Storm, Oswald, Strike Cannon of Dust Storm, Andrea, and Beautiful Bullet of Dust Storm, Jodi

Next up, we have a great lineup of cards enhancing the Eugene ride line! When it enters the field, “Meteor Flare Dragon” disables all enemy rear-guard CONT abilities, and prevents them from gaining them! It then retires an enemy rear-guard in the same column! Meteor Flare also gains extra Power when your opponent’s vanguard is grade 3 or greater and they do not have any rear-guards. Use this unit to overcome cards with protective abilities like “Maiden of Deep Impression, Urjula” or “Knight of Protective Spear, Arthen”!

Other synergistic cards include “Assault Bullet of Dust Storm, Oswald”, “Strike Cannon of Dust Storm, Andrea” and “Beautiful Bullet of Dust Storm, Jodi”! After Oswald boosts your Eugene vanguard, if your opponent’s vanguard is grade 3 or greater and they have no rear-guards, you can Stand your vanguard and reduce its Critical and drive to 1! Andrea retires itself from the field in exchange for clearing out an enemy ally, while Jodi recycles a grade 2 or less normal unit other than a sentinel in your drop on the top or bottom of your deck; you can then call that card to the field by using Eugene’s ability!

Last but not least, we have some support for Bavsargra! “Stealth Beast, Silent Crow” gains Power when it is called by a card’s ability, and draws you a card when an enemy rear-guard in the same column is retired by a card’s ability. On the other hand, “Sealed Blaze Dragon, Samadhi” gets Power if your vanguard has two or more Arms, and can retire itself to arm your vanguard with an Arms card from hand or drop! Use Samadhi to bypass the order restriction, or arm an essential Arms card in drop! (For example, “Sealed Blaze Sword, Prithivih”!)

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Dark States Banner

Demonic Jewel Dragon, Drajeweled

Demonic Jewel Dragon, Drajeweled

Drajeweled players, you can finally get your hands on the terrifying “Demonic Jewel Dragon, Drajeweled”! Aside from its signature ability to reduce your opponent’s vanguard Power to 1 and potentially gain a Critical, this upgraded version Soul-Charges 3, and draws a card if the cards Soul-Charged have different grades! You can use this with the trial deck variant “Jewel-embracing Dragon Fang, Drajeweled” to potentially have 8 Persona Ride targets in your deck!

Demonic Stone Dragon, Rockargour, Power Gem Dragon, Demonic Jewel Dragon, Rystal Galer, and Demonic Stone Dragon, Matelvaara

Most of Drajeweled’s supporting cast activate their potent abilities when you Soul-Blast 4 or more cards for the cost of your vanguard’s ability. “Demonic Stone Dragon, Rockargour” is a cornerstone of the deck’s offense; when attacking, it gains Power if your soul has four or more cards with different grades and Stands again after using your vanguard’s ability! Tear your opponent’s defenses apart with double Rockargour columns!

When “Power Gem Dragon” boosts, you can put one of the top two cards of your deck into your hand and the other to soul! There’s also “Demonic Jewel Dragon, Rystal Galer” that put a card from hand to soul, draws a card and retires an enemy ally on attack! Lastly, “Demonic Stone Dragon, Matelvaara” returns a card in drop to soul and gains Power when it enters the field! These cards amass sufficient soul for Drajeweled’s devastating ability, while also making good use of the Power reduction!

Cards like “Lilac Lasher” and “Magnereversal Breaker” breathe new life into the Baromagnes deck! While Lilac Lasher only has 2000 base Power, it gains Power for each card in your soul when attacking; it’s especially great in the endgames where you’ve amassed a lot of soul! On the other hand, Magnereversal Breaker Soul-Charges 3, and confers your Baromagnes vanguard the ability to buff all front row units for the turn! This allows units called by Baromagnes’ ability to enjoy these Power gains as well!

There’s also amazing generic cards that have great utility in your Dark States deck! “Heat Haze Acrobat, Miroslava” can either add a card with the same name as your vanguard from soul to hand, or call a different named card from soul to the field! Should you add a card to hand, Miroslava also gains Power! Use this card to ensure you get your Persona Ride copies or to fill the board! Let’s not forget about “Falcate Performer”; when it boosts, it puts a card in your drop that has a different grade from cards in your soul into your soul! Not only does it refill soul for Drajeweled’s ability, it also recycles key cards in drop back to soul to be used later!

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Brand Gate Banner

Blitz Mechanic, Warton, Blitz Programmer, Strazer, Blitz Technology Researcher, Uber, and Blitz CEO, Welstra

If you want to build destructive fortresses, this new ride line is just for you! By operating Set Orders known as Products, you can level up your offense and decimate enemy lines! “Blitz CEO, Welstra” is the ‘big boss’ for this deck; when it attacks a vanguard, you can operate a Product in your order zone! Use this together with “Mobile Fortress of Obliteration, Freischütz Maximum” to achieve a potent multi-attack strategy! Welstra also gains Power whenever you operate a Product, allowing it to be a threatening vanguard!

Other important cards in the ride line include “Blitz Programmer, Strazer” and “Blitz Technology Researcher, Uber”! Both Strazer and Uber are able to put a Product with the same grade as them from the deck or hand into the Order Zone, and draw a card if the Product was put from hand! Uber has the added benefit of being able to operate a Product during the main phase, so you can activate either “Incandescent Flame Cannon, Abhasal” or “Heavy Strike Cannon Fortress, Freischütz”!

Now, feast your eyes upon the Product set orders! When operated, “Incandescent Flame Cannon, Abhasal” retires an enemy front row rear-guard; if you failed to retire, you draw a card and discard a card from hand! Use this early to keep your opponent’s aggression in check or cycle through your deck for more key pieces.

Next, operate “Heavy Strike Cannon Fortress, Freischütz” to either retire an enemy front-row rear-guard or reduce your opponent’s vanguard Power! Furthermore, when your grade 3 or greater vanguard is placed by riding on a grade 3 (i.e. when you Persona Ride), you can move Freischütz from the order zone to your drop to put a Freischütz Maximum from your deck or hand into the order zone; you draw a card if you put it from hand!

Lastly, operate “Mobile Fortress of Obliteration, Freischütz Maximum” to retire an enemy rear-guard, reduce your opponent’s vanguard Power and call this to the field as a colossal attacker! Use this with Welstra to enable multi-attack for your deck!

Let’s take a look at the key personnel behind the scenes, working their hardest for Blitz Industries! “Blitz Secretary, Perfe” recycles grade 2 or greater set orders back to deck to draw a card, while both “Blitz Engineer, Hoflio” and “Blitz Mechanic, Iskra” operate a Product if you did not operate a Product this turn; Hoflio also gains Power if a Product was operated this turn!

There’s also “Blitz Mechanic, Schtart” that removes Freischütz from the order zone and itself from the field to put Freischütz Maximum from hand into the order zone, so you can set up for a devastating multi-attack! For resource management, “Blitz Accounting Department Head, Sordio” provides much needed Counter-Charge in the deck. Lastly, “Blitz Top Sales, Anrig” retires itself from the field to put Freischütz or Freischütz Maximum from your deck or drop into hand!

This set, Gravidia players will also see a wave of new support! “Gravidia Allanhil” is a useful defender that also can put a Meteorite on the top of your deck directly into your order zone when it enters the field! With a high number of Meteorites in your deck, you’re more than likely to activate this ability! On the other hand “Gravidia Almanon” adds a Meteorite in drop back to hand and becomes a stronger attacker; it can also enable multi-attack for the deck since you can superior call “Fighting Dragon, Goldog Dragon” to the field for its cost!

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Keter Sanctuary Banner

Youthberk ‘RevolForm: Tempest’, Knight of Rendering Flash, Cairbre, Witch of Accumulation, Sequana, and Wayward Therapy Angel

The wind blows favorably for Youthberk players, as they receive a wave of game-changing support! “Youthberk ‘RevolForm: Tempest’ “ is the latest RevolForm for the deck: when you perform RevolDress and ride this vanguard, strengthen your front row, gain card advantage and remove pesky enemies on your opponent’s field! This RevolForm is the offensive focal point of the Youthberk deck, ensuring that you have a sizable hand to maintain pressure!

Supporting Youthberk are other powerful cards like “Knight of Rendering Flash, Cairbre”, “Witch of Accumulation, Sequana” and “Wayward Therapy Angel”! When Cairbre enters the field, you can either call a grade 2 or less ally or add a grade 3 or greater card to hand from the top three cards of your deck! Build your board or add more RevolForms to your hand, while simultaneously thinning your deck down to consistently hit triggers! Sequana gains Power if you have a Youthberk vanguard, allowing it to be an efficient booster. Furthermore, it moves into soul when you perform RevolDress to set your new vanguard’s drive to 1, ensuring another deadly vanguard swing! Lastly, Wayward Therapy Angel is a unique grade 1 with 10 000 base Power, but it cannot be ridden and cannot be normal called to the field from hand. If you want to call it to the field, you can discard it from hand while your opponent is grade 3 or greater! Use this together with “Youthberk ‘Skyfall Arms’ “ or “Youthberk ‘RevolForm: Gust’“ to gain a strong booster for your attackers!

For Bastion players, “Unrivaled Heavenly Blade, Descorda” is an interesting fighter that forces your opponent into difficult guard situations! If you have six or more grade 3 or greater units, its attack will hit regardless of Power if the sum of your opponent’s guardians is not 3 or greater! While Perfect Guards can still function, your opponent will be forced to guard with other cards alongside their grade 0 triggers, depleting their hand faster!

Alongside Descorda is “Heavenly Wings of Purity, Honnettaria”; when it enters the field while you have a Bastion vanguard, you can call a grade 3 card from hand to the field! You also draw a card if you have five or more units! Honnettaria works as a mini-Alden, building your board while cycling through your deck! It also gains Boost if you have six or more units, helping Bastion players to have threatening offensive columns even without “Dark Strain Dragon” or “Pride to Protect”. There’s also “Graceful Heavenly Flash, Hermona” that moves itself from the back row center rear-guard circle to the guardian circle when your Bastion vanguard is attacked, gaining extra Shield as well!

“Spinning Knight, Gwendolen” is a potential attacker that Thegrea players can consider! If you persona rode this turn, it gets extra Power and forces your opponent to guard with two or more cards from hand during the battle that it attacked! Given how Thegrea can consistently perform Persona Ride, Gwendolen’s ability will come in handy quite often!

On the other hand, Hexaorb players could look into “Divine Sister, Palmier”; it’s able to look at the top three cards of your deck and rearrange them back on top in any order! Use this to forecast your drive checks and prepare yourself for a huge push!

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Stoicheia Banner

Lianorn players can now enjoy a fourth attack in their decks thanks to “Resonance Dragon”! This attacker gets Power if you booster three or more times this turn; furthermore, after it attacked, it moves to soul and Stands your other rear-guard if you have a Lianorn vanguard and you boosted five or more times this turn! Stack your trigger effects onto the rear-guard you want to Stand again for the best results!

“Festoso Dragon” is another potential ally to consider; when it enters the field from hand, it calls a grade 3 or less card from the top three cards of your deck! You could use this to find copies of Resonance Dragon to instantly elevate your offense! Finally, “Sympathize dR” is an Order that cycles your deck and adds an empowered booster to the field! All in all, expect Lianorn’s attacking prowess to be higher than before!

Sylvan Horned Beast, Alpia, Sylvan Horned Beast, Seroll, Tear Knight, Aricks, and Rousing Breath Dragon

Magnolia players can look forward to impactful cards like “Sylvan Horned Beast, Alpia” and “Sylvan Horned Beast, Seroll”! When attacking, Alpia gains Power for every two of your grade 2 or greater units; if it gained 10 000 or more Power, it binds itself after attacking to Counter-Charge and Soul Charge! On the other hand, Seroll can potentially add a Magnolia card to your hand from the top five cards of your deck, while also applying your Persona Ride buffs to all back row units! This is a great option for players looking to make grade 3 Magnolia builds work.

Let’s not forget about the reinforcements for Flagburg! “Tear Knight, Aricks” Stands itself again and gains Power after attacking during the second battle of that turn, allowing you to consistently hit the five attack requirement of Flagburg’s ability! “Rousing Breath Dragon” can also reduce the cost of Flagburg’s ability by 1 Counter-Blast during the fifth or more battle of that turn; of course, it needs to be in the back row center rear-guard circle, so it may conflict with other offensive pieces like “Empyrean Blue Dragon, Shelling Cannon Dragon”.

Benevolent Maiden, Araserith

Benevolent Maiden, Araserith

A generic option for Stoicheia decks is “Benevolent Maiden, Araserith”! When it enters the field from hand while your vanguard is grade 3 or greater, it discards the top three cards of your deck, and either calls a grade 2 or less unit to the field or adds a card with the same name as your vanguard to your hand! A card that can fetch Persona Ride copies or fill a board with ease is definitely not one to be underestimated.


With the release of D Booster Set 07 on December 16th 2022, the Standard format continues to diversify with a variety of playstyles and aesthetics! Though this set is geared towards enhancing previous archetypes, it’s never too late to jump in and choose a deck of your liking. What are you waiting for? Come and acquaint yourself with the beautiful and majestic world of Vanguard!

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