We would like to address a rumor circulating that claims Bushiroad has short-printed VGE-V-SS04 “Majesty Lord Blaster”, resulting in a worldwide shortage of supply for this product.

Please be assured that these rumors are false.

Any product with a pre-determined limited print run would be clearly advertised as such, and VGE-VSS04 “Majesty Lord Blaster” is not one of these products. Generally, we supply the full amount of product to our retailers and distributors according to the quantities that we receive during the preorder period. This is to ensure our product is accessible to all players.

There are instances where the demand grows and outstrips supply when the product is released. When there is high demand for product that has been sold out, we may consider producing additional supply to meet this demand.

To ensure that there is an adequate supply of product, we strongly encourage players to place their orders with their retailer during the pre-order period. Click here to find a store near you.

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