The past months have been trying for everyone.
Your local game stores have been heavily affected by the current circumstances, and in a market where face-to-face interaction is a must, they have done their utmost to adapt their businesses accordingly in order to survive in this new environment.

We understand the struggle all too well, and we want to do our part to help. To that end, we are introducing a special rebate to retailers of USD65 (or equivalent) per VGE-V-EB14 The Next Stage Sneak Preview Kit that they have purchased. We hope that this will be of some help for shops to re-establish their business in the coming months. As with VGE-V-EB13 The Astral Force Sneak Preview Kit, stores will be allowed to sell the packs and use the PR cards and Playmats for promotional purposes without having to hold the actual Sneak Preview event if they are not able to do so.

We strongly encourage players to approach their LGS representatives with regards to how you can obtain these items, and to remember to adhere to safety measures that your country or state has put in place. Let’s rebuild our hobby communities together.

For more details on the product, do click on the product banner below (SP kit details are at the bottom of the page)!

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