Extra Booster Pack Vol.12: Waltz of the Goddess

Release Date November 21, 2014
Featured Clans Genesis
Card Types 35 types of cards (RRR: 3/ RR: 5/ R: 8/ C: 19) + SP: 6 (Parallel) + Legion Rare: 2 (Parallel)!
Others 1 pack contains 5 random cards/ 1 display contains 15 packs
1 card in every pack will definitely be an R or above card!!

Mesmerize your opponents with VGE-EB12: Waltz of the Goddess!

Revere the power of the seraphic [Regalia] and enhance your <<Genesis>> units with the new Legion skill to ascend towards divinity!

Will you choose to walk the path of sacred knowledge with Misaki Tokura?

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