Mermaid Idol Summer Set

Release Date December 04, 2015
Clans Bermuda Triangle
Note Bermuda Triangle

Mermaid Idol Summer Set

Join the lovely mermaid idols for the Bermuda fiesta!

With the release of Cardfight!! Vanguard G Clan Booster Vol. 1: Academy of Divas, we would like to present “Mermaid Idol Summer Set”!

Do look out for this beautiful set, with 3 clear files along with 9 PR cards from the highly popular clan <<Bermuda Triangle>> that have never been released in English before!

These exclusive items will firstly be on sale at World Championship 2015 regional qualifier locations and selected events! Do keep your eyes peeled for this awesome Summer Set! Come and get it before summer is over!

Product Specifications

Each set contains:

– Cardfight!! Vanguard English Edition Bermuda Triangle PR cards (9 cards per set)

PR/0211EN Dream Team, Madre
PR/0212EN Costume Idol, Alk
PR/0213EN Shangri-la Star, Coral
PR/0214EN Top Idol, Riviere
PR/0215EN Planet Idol, Pacifica
PR/0216EN Velvet Voice, Raindear
PR/0217EN Dream Team, Dios
PR/0218EN Eternal Memory, Lorens
PR/0219EN Mirage Sign Urmia

– Clear Files (3pcs of different designs per set)

Top Idol, Riviere
Dream Team, Madre & Dream Team, Dios
Shangri-La Star, Coral
Costume Idol, Alk
Planet Idol, Pacifica
Velvet Voice, Raindear

Suggest Retail Price (SRP):

USD 25 EUR 25 SGD 25
USA Europe Singapore

The above prices are only applicable to products sold in World Championship locations. The prices sold at other countries will be in the local currency used in that country.

Mermaid Idol Summer Set will firstly be sold at World Championship Regional Qualifiers locations and selected events starting from August 2015. There will not be any reprints for this product once sold out.

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