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Time flies. We’re approaching the 1 year mark on the Cardfighter’s Column.

This will be the final article for Cardfighter’s Column.

From next week onwards, we will be entering a new phase titled: Cardfighter’s Column NEXT! Thank you very much for the continuous support of Cardfight!! Vanguard, and we hope you will still be with us as we embark on a new journey.

In our NEXT phase, Cardfighter’s Column will be no longer be published weekly on Fridays. Instead, we will be sharing all kinds of news related to Cardfight!! Vanguard as and when the information and materials are available on Cardfighter’s Column NEXT!

In the midst of these new revelations, let’s not forget the other NEXT too!

The new season of the Cardfight!! Vanguard G animation series, “Cardfight!! Vanguard G NEXT” will start airing this weekend! Avid viewers will be able to view the Japanese-dubbed episodes on our official YouTube channel. This time, we will be moving the broadcast time forward. Instead of 11:00am every Sunday (JST), the episodes will be released 20 minutes earlier at 10:40am JST! This is only 10 minutes after it is being broadcasted via the Japanese TV station!

Following the conclusion of the previous Cardfight!! Vanguard G Stride Gate arc, members of Team TRY3, Chrono Shindou, Shion Kiba and Tokoha Anjou will be moving forward to their respective high schools. Each member will be forming their own team in a bid to decide their own future. The three protagonists are set to clash as rivals in the upcoming large-scale tournament titled U20 Championship.



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New Power Revealed – Revelation!

Author: WinterHartz

Cardfight!! Vanguard G Booster Pack Vol. 8: Absolute Judgment

Hi Cardfighters! As mentioned in the previous G-BT08 article, there is one special clan that we have not discussed! That is none other than <<Genesis>>, a clan with the play style of increasing their soul to use their Soul Blast abilities to gain hand advantage and power up their units. With the release of G-BT08 Absolute Judgment, some units of this unique clan have uncovered a new strength – Revelation!

Ice Crest Goddess, Svava & Boulder Fetter, Gjoll with “Revelation” ability


What is Revelation?

It is an ability given to some of the new <<Genesis>> units that activates when these units are placed on the specified vanguard and rear-guard circles. When the ability is triggered, you can look at the top card of your deck and choose to put that card into your soul. If you do, you must choose one of your [Stand] rear-guards and [Rest] it. Otherwise, the card will remain on the top of your deck.

We have seen previous G units like Mythical Destroyer Beast, Vanargandr and Beast-Slayer Military Deity, Tyr which possess the ability to manipulate the top few cards of your deck. This can be useful in providing information for your next move as you get to know which cards are currently in your deck. Revelation will introduce this new advantage for <<Genesis>> deck builds and providing <<Genesis>> players with new strategies to devise!

Without further ado, let’s get to know more about the Revelation ability. The helper text reads:

“When this unit is placed on the specified circle, look at the top card of your deck, and you may put that card into your soul. If you do, [Rest] one of your rear-guards.”

There are some things to note about this ability.

Firstly, the effect can be activated when the unit is placed on the specified circle. Once it is activated, you must look at the top card of your deck and you may put that card into your soul. This is really useful as it allows you to know which card you would get if you were to draw your next card from a card effect, or know which card you are going to reveal during a drive check. If the top card is what you want for your next playing move, you can leave it on the top of your deck. If not, you can increase your soul by putting the top card of your deck into the soul, which helps ease the cost of the card effects that you might want to use from cards like Mythic Beast, Fenrir and Great Angel, Doom Brace!

Secondly, as long as you have [Stand] rear-guards on your field, and decide to put the top card of your deck into the soul when you use the Revelation ability, you must [Rest] a rear-guard as a result. However, you may still use this ability even if you have no [Stand] rear-guards remaining, and there will be no drawbacks as you have no units to [Rest] due to the effect.

Mythical Hellsky Beast, Fenrir

One of the notable cards in a Revelation deck is none other than Mythical Hellsky Beast, Fenrir, a card which can change the original effect of the Revelation ability to a stronger effect. During that turn, whenever a unit with the Revelation ability appears on a rear-guard circle, their effect will be altered to the following:

“[AUTO] When this unit is placed on (RC), look at two cards from the top of your deck, search for up to one card from among them, put it into your soul, and put the rest on the top of your deck in any order.”

In summary, you can plan out your play actions in advance by looking at the top two cards of your deck and decide to choose up to one card from it and put it into the soul. If not, you can leave it on top of your deck in any order. This means that if you look at these two cards and they happen to be trigger units, you can let the cards remain at the top of the deck in your desired order and reveal them during your drive check!

Shackles Fetter, Gelgja

Goddess of Sound Sleep, Tahro

Shackles Fetter, Gelgja and Goddess of Sound Sleep, Tahro are two cards which are highly recommended in a deck that makes use of the Revelation ability. They can both [Stand] a unit when they are sent from the soul to the drop zone. This coincides with the effects of Genesis cards that require Soul Blasting. In short, you can perform the Revelation ability and use your other cards’ effects which require Soul Blasting of units, and you can [Stand] your units to gain back your attacking force!

We hope this article has given you more insights on the new support for this clan! G-BT08 Absolute Judgment, has certainly given many clans their chance to shine! How can you best use this support… You will be the one to decide!




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