Cardfighter’s Column – 2016.10.07

2016/10/07 Column


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Turn 2: Dragon Awaiting Awakening

Chrono starts searching for teammates to take part in the U20 Championship. While searching, he meets Kazuma Shouji.

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BWC 2016 / WGP 2016 World Finals



The Bushiroad World Championship (BWC 2016) has passed its halfway mark. Have you enjoyed the tournaments so far?

Meanwhile, overseas qualifiers for the Japanese edition Bushiroad card games, Bushiroad Grand Prix, or otherwise known as the WGP 2016, has also commenced in more than 15 cities across the world.

The World Finals for both the BWC 2016 and WGP 2016 are also confirmed to be held on the following weekend in Tokyo, Japan:

BWC 2016 / WGP 2016 World Finals
Saturday, Jan 14
BWC 2016 (English edition tournaments)
Sunday, Jan 15
WGP 2016 (Japanese edition tournaments)
Bushiroad Inc. Office

Participants of the BWC 2016 World Finals will receive an exclusive Commemorative Card for the respective game they competed in.

Revival Collection Card Reveal


Steam Maiden, Melem

Since we announced the Revival Collection 2 weeks ago, many cardfighters are fascinated about this release. This week, we will reveal one popular card that will be reissued in the Revival Collection.

Steam Maiden, Melem”, previously released in G Booster Pack Vol. 5, will make it reappearance in the Revival Collection! (Plause).

We will continue unveiling cards that are featured in this Collection, so stay tuned to the Column, as well as the Weekly Bites NEXT!




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