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[TD05]Slash of Silver Wolf


Normal Unit
Gold Paladin
High Beast
United Sanctuary
Grade 1
Power 6000
Critical 1
Shield 5000
[AUTO](RC):[Soul-Blast 1] When this unit boosts ([Boost]) a card named "Great Silver Wolf, Garmore", you may pay the cost. If you do, the boosted ([Boost]) unit gets [Power]+5000 until end of that battle.
No hero can fight alone.

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05-12-2012 [TD05]Slash of Silver Wolf Card List

[Charjgal] is used in the follow Deck Recipes

World Championship 2012 Germany Qualifiers - Champion, Christopher Fernau - Chibi Gaara's RAWR Deck
World Championship 2012 Indonesia Qualifiers - Champion, Randy Perdana
World Championship 2012 Indonesia Qualifiers - 2nd Runner Up, Yohannes - Gold Paladin Garmore
World Championship 2012 Dallas Qualifiers - 1st Runner Up, Salvador Pulido - Super Ultra Mega Hamster of Destruction
World Championship 2012 Seattle Qualifiers - 1st Runner Up, Thanh Ly - Undying Faith Ops
World Championship 2012 Chicago Qualifiers - 1st Runner Up, Connor Murphy - Quadphan
World Championship 2012 Philippines Qualifiers - Champion, Irwin Jamsen Arogo - The IXXXX Scandal
World Championship 2012 Malaysia Qualifiers - 1st Runner Up, Muhammad Affandy bin Azman - Dato Naga Hitam GP
World Championship 2012 France Qualifiers - Champion, Andy Van Den Ouwelant - Gold Paladin (SDD)
World Championship 2012 Osaka Qualifiers - Champion, Kobayashi Hironao - Victory Paladin
World Championship 2012 Atlanta Qualifiers - Champion, Andrew Fredella - The Golden Hare
World Championship 2012 Great Britain Qualifiers - Champion, Anthony Francis - Of Wolfs and Lions
World Championship 2012 Nagoya Qualifiers - 1st Runner Up, Jun Tejima - I love Spectral Duke Dragon
World Championship 2012 Los Angeles Qualifiers - 1st Runner Up, Masashi Terayama - Okawari
World Championship 2012 Asia-Oceania Finals - Champion, Irwin Jansen Arogo (Philippines) - The "Ixxxx" Scandal
World Championship 2012 Asia-Oceania Finals - 1st Runner Up, Henry (Indonesia) - Spectral Wolves
World Championship 2012 Europe Finals - Champion, Christopher Fernau (Germany) - We who carry out justice have no LIMITS
World Championship 2012 Europe Finals - 1st Runner Up, Anthony Francis (France) - Of Wolfs and Lions
World Championship 2012 Finals - 2nd Runner Up, Christopher Fernau - Celestial Storm
World Championship 2013 Dallas Qualifiers - Champion, Hank Hwang - What Does the Fox Say?
World Championship 2013 European Continental Championship - Champion, Almeida Stewart - Gold Paladin

Q&A containing [Charjgal] [1 results]

  • Q173(06-11-2012)
    If this unit is in the rear-guard and I perform its "[Soul-Blast]", do I pay the cost from the soul under the vanguard?
    Yes. As rear-guards do not have soul beneath them, if the ability is activated from a unit in the rear-guard circle, the cards under the vanguard are moved to the drop zone.

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