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Ahoy! Coming October, we will be launching the first Lyrical Trial Deck and Lyrical Booster Pack for the CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD overDress series! If you haven’t pre-ordered, don’t forget to do so now!

Both the Lyrical Trial Deck and Lyrical Booster Pack feature units from Lyrical Monasterio, the sixth nation in CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD overDress where aspiring idols gather!

The Trial Deck features the Astesice Ride Line, while the Booster Pack not only comes with nifty support for the Trial deck, but also features five new Ride Lines; all of which possess unique characteristics and strengths! If you’re into charming yet strong units, you should not give these products a miss!

About Lyrical Monasterio
Lyrical Monasterio

Lyrical Monasterio is a school city built atop the back of a gigantic whale that soars through the skies. It is the sixth nation of Planet Cray, and its independence is recognized by the five other nations.

During the deity-less era, “Bermuda Triangle” received teachings from Stoicheia the Sage, and was reborn as Lyrical Monasterio. During this time, it was said that a great mermaid had greatly contributed to the creation of the nation.

Lyrical Monasterio receives students aspiring to become idols from all over the world. As both a school and city, there are no restrictions placed upon race, gender or age!

Both the Lyrical Trial Deck and Booster Pack feature the school life in Lyrical Monasterio with units from a myriad of origins (Mermaids, Angels, Ghosts, Warbeasts, and more)!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the featured Ride Lines!

From the Lyrical Trial Deck
  • Astesice, Mion
  • Astesice, Nanami
  • Astesice, Kiyora
  • Astesice, Kairi

“Astesice, Mion”, “Astesice, Nanami”, “Astesice, Kiyora”, and “Astesice, Kairi”

Hop, step, and jump with the Astesice units! If you have played the Bermuda Triangle clan from V Premium and Premium formats, you might find the playstyle of bouncing units to and fro rather familiar!

Units like Kiyora and Kairi allow for rear-guards to be returned to hand after they attack; this not only grants less chances for allies to be targeted by your opponent, they are also essential for Kairi’s second ability, which allows you to set the field up for a second wave of attacks!

Worldwide Special Live Tour!?
P.S. Don’t forget to set up the Order Card “Worldwide Special Live Tour!?” at the start of your turn to swing with more power!

From the Lyrical Booster Pack
  • Dignified Will, Clarissa
  • Serious Challenger, Clarissa
  • Accurate Interval, Clarissa
  • Earnescorrect Leader, Clarissa

“Dignified Will, Clarissa”, “Serious Challenger, Clarissa”, “Accurate Interval, Clarissa”, and “Earnescorrect Leader, Clarissa”

The energetic and vibrant dragoroids are working hard with the aim of becoming the strongest idol!

This ride line features a very interesting development from the start of the game towards the later game in terms of strategy; when you start off, Clarissa works better with no other rear-guards on your field, and then by the time you reach grade 3, it’s the best time to call out the unique allies that you have acquired along the way!

Aim to be the Strongest Idol!
In addition, the first ability of “Earnescorrect Leader, Clarissa” allows you a guaranteed draw into the next essential card, “Aim to be the Strongest Idol!”, to get the combos up and running!

  • Monochromic Personality, Alestiel
  • Indecisive Sky, Alestiel
  • Shining As-is, Alestiel
  • Archangel of Twin Wings, Alestiel

“Monochromic Personality, Alestiel”, “Indecisive Sky, Alestiel”, “Shining As-is, Alestiel”, and “Archangel of Twin Wings, Alestiel”

Black wings or white wings, or how about the best of both worlds?

The abilities of these angels are as unique as their dual coloured wings! Each of them (with exception of the First Vanguard) has a common ability which allows you to bind the top card of your deck! Depending on the grades of the units in the bind zone, you get to activate effects under White Wings or Black Wings!

As these effects can only be applied when all card grades in your bind zone are of an odd or even number, the key here is to use the abilities of the grade 2 and 3 units wisely to move cards in and out of the bind zone and set up the field for your desired effect!

  • To Deliver a Song, Loronerol
  • Throbbing Search, Loronerol
  • Blossoming Vocal, Loronerol
  • Heartfelt Song, Loronerol

“To Deliver a Song, Loronerol”, “Throbbing Search, Loronerol”, “Blossoming Vocal, Loronerol”, and “Heartfelt Song, Loronerol”

When it comes to picking the best songs, you can always count on the adorable and lively Loronerol!

Loronerol’s abilities mainly revolve around Songs (a type of Set Order card) and your goal is to set up the best playlist for every occasion! Songs not only grant Loronerol and its allies a myriad of benefits, ranging from power-ups to restanding multiple rear-guards, they are also essential to the on-attack ability of “Heartfelt Song, Loronerol”, which prevents your opponent from using sentinels!

  • Brilliance in the Ore, Wilista
  • Proof of Hard Work, Wilista
  • Expanding World, Wilista
  • Prismagica, Wilista

“Brilliance in the Ore, Wilista”, “Proof of Hard Work, Wilista”, “Expanding World, Wilista”, and “Prismagica, Wilista”

Go for your dreams, and be rewarded with the gems of your hard work!

Wilista’s abilities revolve around Order Cards like Loronerol, but in the form of Gems! “Truehearted Ruby” allows you to filter your hand, while “Everlasting Sapphire” allows you to power up a unit! These Gems eventually go into the Soul after use, which are essential for “Prismagica, Wilista” to work its magic, so be sure to gather enough of them along the way!

When you have one of each Gem card in your soul and “Prismagica, Wilista” as your vanguard, be sure to Soul-Blast both of them to fill your field with powered-up units, grant itself a power-up, and even deny your opponent from intercepting!

  • Admired Elder Sister, Feltyrosa
  • Beautiful Day Off, Feltyrosa
  • Talent of Enjoyment, Feltyrosa
  • Rondo of Eventide Moon, Feltyrosa

“Admired Elder Sister, Feltyrosa”, “Beautiful Day Off, Feltyrosa”, “Talent of Enjoyment, Feltyrosa”, and “Rondo of Eventide Moon, Feltyrosa”

Cool yet poised, Feltyrosa and her Ghost allies are here to steal your hearts!

The playstyle of this deck involves frequent movement of <Ghost> units, especially between the drop, your hand, and the top of the deck, which is fundamental to setting up the ideal conditions for “Rondo of Eventide Moon, Feltyrosa” to shine! Time your drive checks carefully, and you can not only fill up your field with <Ghost> allies, but also secure additional drive until the end of that battle!

High-rarity cards galore!

Look out for the rare and ultra-valuable cards, only available in the Lyrical Booster Pack!

LSR (Lyrical Special Rare)

Featuring the idols in their concert outfits!

  • LSR01
  • LSR02
  • LSR03
  • LSR04
  • LSR05
LSP (Lyrical Special Pack)

Lyrical Special Pack is a pack that includes 1 piece each of 7 types of LSP (Lyrical Special) cards. Look out for the idols from the Trial Deck in their concert outfits!

Place these matching cards next to each other, and you’ll be able to form this gorgeous illustration! ♫

  • LSP02
  • LSP01
  • LSP03
  • LSP06
  • LSP04
  • LSP05
Pre-order bonuses you should not miss out on!

Each display of the Lyrical Booster Pack will come with 1 piece of Fighter’s Counter of a random design featuring the members from Lyrical Lily that can be used in cardfights!

There are 4 types of Fighter’s Counters in total, let’s collect them all!
※While stocks last

  • dft_001
  • dft_002
  • dft_003
  • dft_004

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