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The Other Side Yearned For


An aggressive Stoicheia deck that strengthens allies and with an expanded range of tactics that are perfect for continuous attacks. With waves of attacks from powered-up allies and strengthening of defences with units that can intercept from the back row, let's fight with abilities that combine offense and defense!

Nation: Stoicheia

Check out these featured cards!

Sylvan Horned Beast Emperor, Magnolia Elder

Sylvan Horned Beast Emperor, Magnolia Elder
When placed as a vanguard, you can call a unit from your soul! If you have a "Magnolia" unit in your soul or as a rear-guard, all rear-guards can attack and intercept from the back row, and get +5000 Power! Prioritize having grade 2 units in the back row and make use of their attacks and intercepts to fight!

Sylvan Horned Beast, Panthero

Sylvan Horned Beast, Panthero
When placed as a rear-guard, you can choose one unit of the same name from your drop and call it by paying the cost! When this unit attacks and if your vanguard is a "Magnolia" unit, this unit gets +5000 Power! If there are multiple Penthero units in your drop, you can chain-call allies and fill up your board at once!

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