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The Whirlpool of Gentle Thoughtfulness

A new 《Stoicheia》 deck featuring cards from the Japanese comic "CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD YouthQuake"! Gather 5 units together to activate Luruthzul's powerful ability! Tease your opponent by swapping Mythiarq units in and out of your hand during your battle phase!

Nation: Stoicheia

Check out these featured cards!

Mythiarq, Luruthzul

Mythiarq, Luruthzul
When this unit is placed on your vanguard circle, look at the top seven cards of your deck and call a grade 3 or less unit card from among them to your rear-guard circle, and if you have five or more units, your opponent discards a card from their hand!

When this unit attacks a vanguard, by paying the cost, return one of your "Mythiarq" rear-guards to hand, and call a "Mythiarq" unit with a different card name to your rear-guard cicle!

Wash your opponent's hand down while you dance in a "Mythiarq" wave of attacks when you have 5 units!

Mythiarq, Miumililin

Mythiarq, Miumililin
When this unit is placed, if you have three or more "Mythiarq" units, this unit gets Power +5000! Then, if you pay the cost, one of your chosen opponent's rear-guards cannot Stand during your opponent's next stand phase!

If you have a grade 3 or greater "Mythiarq" vanguard, bind a "Mythiarq" rear-guard with a different card name from this unit, and call the card bound for this cost to your rear-guard circle!

Use this ability to activate Alpieral's on-place ability multiple times to increase your own hand size!

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