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Ghostie Fleet, Depart!

Ghostie Fleet, Depart!

Clan: Granblue

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Ghostie Leader, Beatrice
When placed, call one unit from the drop zone! All "Ghostie" units get +5000 Power and +5000 Shield, and are able to intercept! When your rear-guard is retired by a card's ability, you can call a "Ghostie" unit of a lower grade than the retired unit from the drop zone!

Jessie the Ghostie
Call this card from the drop zone by retiring two rear-guards while in the drop zone! When it attacks, this unit gets +5000 Power. At the end of the battle, retire this unit and Counter-Charge 1! After attacking and retiring, let's call Damian with the ability of Beatrice and make an additional attack!

Damian the Ghostie
"When placed from hand, put up to one "Ghostie" unit from your deck to your drop zone! At the end of the battle it attacked, retire this unit to Counter-Charge 1! After this unit retires, let's call a grade 0 "Ghostie" unit with Beatrice's ability! The grade 0 rear-guard you called can intercept with the ability of Beatrice, which makes it perfect for guarding!

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