Cardfight!! Vanguard Booster Pack 01: Fated Clash

Release Date May 3rd, 2024
Featured Nations Dragon Empire, Dark States, Brandt Gate, Keter Sanctuary, Stoicheia, Lyrical Monasterio
Card Types Total 146 types of cards [138 New cards + 8 Reissue cards]
(RRR: 18 types / ORR: 8 types / RR: 24 types / R: 24 types / C: 72 types)
+ Energy Card: 1 type (T: 1 type) + Parallels
※Energy cards are used to keep track of Energy
※"Energy Generator" from VGE-DZ-TD01~06 is not included in this product.
Others 1 pack contains 7 random cards
1 display contains 16 packs
2 cards in every pack will definitely be R or above cards!!

Featuring cards that will make an appearance in the upcoming “CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD Divinez” animation airing in January 2024!
New ridelines for all six nations including Lyrical Monasterio will be available!

Four Fated One cards with the new ability, “Divine Skill” will be featured as well!

DZ-BT01 Available Cards

Features Basic Trigger, Sentinel, and Over Trigger cards!
“Spiritual King of Ignition, Valnout” and “Spiritual King of Aquatics, Idosfaro” from VGE-D-SS05 are also reprinted!

DZ-BT01 Available Cards

Cardfight!! Vanguard Booster Pack Fated Clash

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