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Hello World! Cardfighters!

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We’re really excited about the launch of the Cardfighter’s Column!

Here you will be able to gain insights on topics such as product releases, event coverage and tips on cardfighting!

It’s going to be a thrilling ride ahead so please join us as we bring you more exclusive content you can’t get anywhere else!

Moving on to the main event…

The Fight Table G

Author: lactariusindigo

Cardfight Table G
Cardfight Table G

This picture has been making waves across social media the past few days hasn’t it?

Now, to sate your curiosity, I’ll be revealing more details on the Fight Table G.

When you first place your card on the Fight Table G, the Vanguard or Rear Guard circle will light up with the same sound and effect as the anime. The unit’s power will automatically appear thereafter.

The table is able to automatically calculate boost, guard as well as intercept, and display the total power. Triggers do not seem to pose as a problem for the Fight Table G too, being able to differentiate the type of trigger with its accompanying sounds and effects.

This is the time when my inferiority complex rears its ugly head because it is looking a lot like the table is more intelligent than me.

As for what happens with the sleeves… Leave it on! The Fight Table G is compatible with sleeves so no worries on that front.

The Fight Table G prototype has been briefly seen at this year’s Great Vanguard Festival 2015 and Tokyo Game Show 2015 for demo play. Development is still ongoing to smooth out issues pertaining to the constantly changing nature of Cardfight!! Vanguard. Thus its appearance will most likely be limited to events in the near future.



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Stride on to the Next Stage!!

Author: Ronin

Today’s article coincides with the release of G Booster Pack Vol. 4, Soul Strike Against the Supreme, so we’re gonna kick things off by looking at the most anticipated clan of this booster, Gear Chronicle.

Before we dive into a discussion on some of the cards, here’s a look at the deck we’ve cooked up:

The deck has a solid offense with a fair amount of power, guard restriction effects and of course, a good selection of cards that can send the opponent’s units to the bottom of their deck. The new booster has brought some much-needed utility cards that improve both the deck’s stability and the chance that you’ll be able to use the deck’s trump card.

Steam Fighter, Ur-ningin

The first among these additions is Steam Fighter, Ur-ningin. The Gear Chronicle deck has a multitude of powerful effects, but many of them require the player to expend precious Counterblast to use. Relying just on the Countercharge from using Steam Maiden, Arlim will often still leave the player with his or her options limited, but that’s where Ur-ningin comes in. Ur-ningin provides an alternative source of Countercharge, while also synergizing with the clan’s theme of sending your opponent’s cards to the bottom of their deck.

Seasoned players will immediately realize this too – this means that Chronojet Dragon’s ability that triggers when you perform Stride will, essentially, become a free effect. If you have more than one copy of Ur-ningin on the field, then you’ll benefit even more! The only drawback to this effect is that it will require your Vanguard to have “Chronojet” in its card name, but this is no longer a difficult task.

Upstream Dragon

Chronodragon Nextage

Next up, let’s take a look at Upstream Dragon. Upstream Dragon serves a dual purpose – it is both a strong attacker as well as a card that can help you dig through your deck for key cards – such as Ur-ningin.

Steam Fighter, Balih

Our next new card will ensure that you will definitely get Chronojet Dragon on the Canguard circle. Steam Fighter, Balih gives the G-unit that Strides over it the ability to switch Balih out from the heart for a Chronojet Dragon, which then enables all the effects that require a Vanguard with “Chronojet” in its name such as Glimmer Breath Dragon, Ur-ningin and Heart Thump Worker.

And what other card needs it more than the new trump card of the deck, Chronodragon Nextage? Chronodragon Nextage offers a unique take on the effects that allow the player to Stand their Vanguard in battle. Its effect returns itself to the G-zone and allows the player to attack with Chronojet Dragon afterwards. On top of being able to perform Triple Drive!!!, it then allows the player to attack with a guard restriction placed onto the opponent due to Chronojet Dragon’s Generation Break.

With cards like Steam Maiden, Ishin and Ragnaclock Dragon in the deck that also have guard restriction effects, the opponent must be careful indeed when choosing cards to guard – or they may end up not being able to guard the attack at all!

While we’re on the topic of Chronodragon Nextage, we’d also like to highlight certain rulings pertaining to the card!

If I add trigger effects (power and critical) to Chronodragon Nextage, will Chronojet Dragon retain trigger effects after Chronodragon Nextage uses its ability and returns to the G-zone?

No, it will not. After Chronodragon Nextage leaves the Vanguard circle, the heart card that becomes the Vanguard is treated as a new unit entirely (but it is not treated as having entered the Vanguard circle!).

Then can I add trigger effects to my Chronojet Dragon while it is a heart card?

No, you cannot. Heart cards, while they are treated as though they are on the Vanguard circle, are not treated as units while they are hearts. Trigger effects can only be applied the units on the field.

What if my opponent guards the attack with Brillian Blister, which prevents my Vanguard from standing? Will I be able to stand my Chronojet Dragon after using Chronodragon Nextage’s ability?

Yes, it can! As mentioned above, Chronojet Dragon is treated as a new unit entirely! The restriction from Brillian Blister only applies to Chronodragon Nextage, and not Chronojet Dragon!

With that, we’ve come to the end of the first article! Do look out next week for our next article, and good luck with your pulls!!

That’s it for today! Hope you have enjoyed this new feature of ours and will continue to support us!

Stay tuned for insights on G Booster Pack Vol. 4, Soul Strike Against the Supreme this week!




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