Cardfighter’s Column – 2016.05.06

2016/05/06 Column


New Episode This Weekend!

Episode 30: Meeting Kanzaki Once Again

In order to gain more information about Ryuzu Myoujin and the Depend Cards, Chrono and Taiyou decided to visit the former United Sanctuary Branch Chief, Yuichirou Kanzaki. The pair push through deep into the mountain to find Kanzaki single-mindedly chiseling a giant stone statue.

CFV Stride Gate Episode Banner (Eng sub)

Due to production issue, the new episodes for this weekend on official YouTube channel, including both Cardfght!! Vanguard G GIRS Crisis English-dubbed Episode 23, and Stride Gate Japanese-dubbed Episode 30, will be delayed till next week. We sincerely apologise for the delay and any confusion caused.
[Update: Cardfght!! Vanguard G Stride Gate Episode 30 is now available on the official YouTube channel.]

Watch the latest episodes on official Cardfight!! Vanguard G YouTube Channel!

Interview Questions for Director Umemoto

Author: Peanut

Last week, a huge number of you sent us your interview questions for Mr. Umemoto, the director of Cardfight!! Vanguard G TV animation series. Thank you for the overwhelming response! We will be selecting a few questions out of over 300 submissions from more than 30 countries, and pass them to Mr. Umemoto. The answers will be revealed in the next Fanbook!

The next Fanbook consists of content from Cardfight!! Vanguard G and Luck & Logic. It will first be released in July 2016 at C3 CharaExpo in Singapore, before being made available worldwide. Stay tuned to the official channels for updates!

2016 Vanguard & Buddyfight Ultra Big Card Fes!!!

Author: Peanut

The Vanguard & Buddyfight Ultra Big Card Fes!!!, or “大ヴァンガ祭Ⅹ大バディ祭” in Japanese, is an annual event that was held at the splendid Tokyo Big Sight last weekend. This year, the big event is more massive than ever! Let’s take a look at how the event in Japan was like!


left: Tokyo Big Sight
right: Notice board for 2016 Vanguard & Buddyfight Ultra Big Card Fes!!!

Before the event started, a lot of fans and players were already queuing outside of the venue. After entering the event hall, we were instantly greeted with the big truss globe containing a large Cardfight!! Vanguard card. We had to take the photos before the event started, otherwise we would never have a chance to take a nice photo as there were always a lot of people surrounding it!

Entrance of 2016 Vanguard & Buddyfight Ultra Big Card Fes!!!

A lot of tournaments were held at the event. Some were by invitation only or required pre-registration; however, there were also a number of Cardfight!! Vanguard tournaments you could simply join upon arrival. For example, there were tournaments such as the “Character Trio Fight G” (キャラクタートリオファイトG), where fans were able to fight for their favorite Cardfight!! Vanguard character (Which is your favorite character?). Besides that, one could also fight with their favorite clan and aim to become the clan leader at “Clan Leader Fight” (クランリーダーファイト)! If you had the chance to attend the event with your friends, you could have a go at the “Friend Fight” (フレンドファイト), or enjoy the “Vanguard & Buddyfight Double Fight” (ヴァンガ×バディ タッグでファイト). The latter was particularly interesting! If you were in a group of 2, one of you would be playing Cardfight!! Vanguard, while the other one would be playing Future Card Buddyfight! Our ladies had exclusive events to look forward to as well with the “Ladies-only Fight” (女性限定ファイト) and “Vanguard Queen Finals” (ヴァンガードクイーン決定戦)!

left: tournaments (Friend Fight section)
right: tournaments (behind: Ladies-only Fight section)

As last Saturday marked the release day of the Japanese edition G Fighters Collection 2016, and G guardians and 16 G units were allowed in many of the tournaments, it was a good chance to take a look at how the Japanese players had adapted to the change. Here are the deck lists from the champion team of Fighters Road 2016 Tri-Three Vanguard Ultra Big Card Fes!!! Special Representative Final!

In addition to a variety of tournaments, there were even more activities to enjoy at the big festival. Kids could enjoy coloring Vangaro (ヴァンガ郎), the mascot for Cardfight!! Vanguard, and paste their masterpieces on the wall; veteran players could challenge the producers and cardfight with them. There was also a FIA Formula 4 racing car from Team Eagle Sports. Don’t be surprised that this is a car from Cardfight!! Vanguard!

left: wall of Vangaro
middle: players challenging producers and well-known Cardfight!! Vanguard players
right: the FIA Formula 4 racing car from Team Eagle Sports

If you make a trip to the festival in future, don’t forget to get your hands on Cardfight!! Vanguard exclusive merchandise! An official store was set up inside the venue, and this was one of the major reasons for the long queue that started from early morning! Card products and supplies were also available for sale at the card shop booths!

left & middle: official merchandise store
right: retail booths of TCG shops

Hungry? Don’t worry. Outside of the event hall, there were food catering cars serving you delicious food and snacks, ranging from Pizza to takoyaki (Japanese octopus balls). Fans and players alike could take a good rest there under the clear blue sky with their best friends after a series of matches!

Food Corner

Though it is a Japanese-oriented event, the Vanguard & Buddyfight Ultra Big Card Fes!!! is definitely an event you would not want to miss if you are a cardfighter! The variety of activities, limited exclusive merchandise, delicious food, exclusive exhibitions, and not to mention the guest shows at the stages (I could go on and on), all make up for lots of memorable experiences. Next year’s event has already been announced and will be held on May 6 & 7, 2017! You know what they say, it’s never too early to plan your next trip to Japan!

Oh yes, before you go back home, don’t forget to capture your best memories here with the photo machines at the event hall!

Photo machines



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