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2016/05/27 Column


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Episode 33: A Sullen Visitor

A fully realized unit at last! Having taken serious damage from that attack, Mamoru is borne to the hospital. Tokoha suffers a great emotional wound from the disaster before her eyes, and is deeply depressed. Amidst all this, the one who appears at the hospital is…?

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Interview with BSF2016 Germany Qualifier Champion Team

Author: FunFragger

Germany Regional Qualifier
Champion Team: Team CDD
Shadow Paladin
Shadow Paladin

Damien Filliatre
Neo Nectar
Neo Nectar

Cao-Tri Do
Gear Chronicle
Gear Chronicle

David Ferreira
Champion Team of BSF2016 Germany Regional Qualifier

Guten Tag!

A lot of excited players visited the Bushiroad Spring Fest Germany Regional Qualifier in Munich, Germany last weekend. Players from all over Europe gathered together to fight alongside their team members in a bit for the top spot. Many players attending the event were really excited to try out the new G guardian, which was released on the same weekend with Fighters Collection 2016. After a gracing day with many close fights, Team CDD were eventually crowned the champion!

This time we had the privilege of interviewing Team CDD, which consists of 3 members: Damien Filliatre, Cao-Tri Do and David Ferreira. They started playing Cardfight!! Vanguard about 4 to 5 years ago. Let’s take a look what they have said after the event.

Team CDD profile

Team CDD

Player 1: Damien Filliatre
Player 2: Cao-Tri Do
Player 3: David Ferreira

Champion Team
BSF2016 Germany Regional Qualifier

Deck Recipe >>

Congratulation on the victory! How does it feel to be crowned National Champion?

It feels so good because it took us 5 years to finally get first place after a long teasing process of always getting into the top 8 brackets but never reaching the final table.

Can you share a little bit more on how the team got together?

Damien & David: We are best friends. When we saw Cao playing a <<Neo Nectar>> deck against a friend at the Meisterproject event, we asked him if he wanted to join us, because his deck and playing style was really interesting.

Did your team do anything special to prepare for the tournament?

We tested about 2-3 days per week with an overall of 20-30 games every month. There was a lot of coffee involved for five hours of playtesting each day.

Is this your first time participating in a nation-wide Bushiroad Tournaments? How did you perform in the previous circuits?

No. We attend every big Bushiroad event for the last couple of years since they’ve been held in Europe. We always reached the top 16 with Damien being in the Top 4 once at a tournament in Belgium in the past.

How do you enjoy entering the tournament as a team, compared to as individuals?

We like the team league format because it has a friendlier environment talking to the other teams and assisting our members while playing against their opponents. Also it is easier to make new friends and fiend new players from the same country. We look forward to play against them on Cardfight!! Online when it releases on Steam.

Do you have a favorite card?

Pure Maiden, Katrina

Retroactive Time Maiden, Uluru

Revenger, Raging Form Dragon

Revenger, Raging Form Dragon” from VGE-BT12. It always wins my games and that is why I like it so much. He saved me on all games here at the tournament today.

The new G Guardian “Uluru“. Because it is so cute and really insane.

Katrina“, because if my opponent doesn’t pay much attention to the board, I can bring it up to 95,000 attacking power.

If you could pick one team in the animation you’d like to challenge in Cardfight, which one would it be?

We would love to play against TRY3 because we have the better <<Neo Nectar>> player.(laughter)

Anything else you wish to say about the event/the game?

We love the overall organization of these events because they run so smoothly and without any big complications. Also, we really like the locations where the events are held. Oh we maybe have one thing to complain about: please include a coffee machine to every event in the future.

This Saturday, we will be having 2 qualifiers in New York, USA and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia respectively. The registration for both locations starts from 9:00am. Form a team with your friends now, and we hope to meet you there!

USA/New York

White Plains

May 28

Westchester County Center

198 Central Avenue, White Plains, NY 10606


Kuala Lumpur

May 28

Dewan Cempaka, Cempaka Apartment Hotel

Level 3A, Tower 2, Menara PGRM, No, 8 Jalan Pudu Ulu, Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur



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