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2016/10/28 Column


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Turn 5: Smile of Queen and Schemes

The Fukuhara High School Vanguard Club goes in search of a 3rd teammate. Shion has decided on the senior Rin Hashima but…

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Controlling a New Future with Zodiac Time Beast!

Author: WinterHartz

Gather the strengths of the <Zodiac Time Beast> with G Trial Deck 9: True Zodiac Time Beasts, as well the new G Clan Booster 4: Gear of Fate!

The new <<Gear Chronicle>> units featured in these upcoming sets will further enhance your current playstyle for <<Gear Chronicle>>, as well as welcoming new units to the <<Gear Chronicle>> family, that is the <Zodiac Time Beast>. Let’s look at some insights on what is installed for you.

Cards of 12 Zodiac Time Beasts

<Zodiac Time Beast> are new units which can unleash their hidden strengths to the player that uses them based on what <<Gear Chronicle>> deck build it is more focused on. We will be showing two different paths on how the power of these <Zodiac Time Beast> can lead you to victory!

The One That Rules It All!

Deus Ex Machina, Demiurge helps to unleash the true hidden power of the <Zodiac Time Beast>, but it definitely come with a heavy requirement of selecting twelve <Zodiac Time Beast>s with different cards names from your bind zone to your drop zone. By doing so, you can choose to move any twelve cards from your drop zone back to the top of your deck in any order you desire. This means you can plan which cards you are going to drive check, damage check and draw on your subsequent turns!! Also, it can prevent your opponent from calling any grade 1 cards from their hand to the guardian circle.

The Tiger That Rebels Against the Future


Chronofang Tiger, Chronofang Tiger G & Chronotiger Rebellion

Chronofang Tiger is one of the notable <Zodiac Time Beast> that is worth mentioning since G-BT07: Glorious Bravery of Radiant Sword. It has a Generation Break 2 ability which can allow the player to bind cards that was used as Stride cost get grade +3 when you are performing Stride. This allows you to bind a <Zodiac Time Beast> cards as well from your hand as a cost when you Stride. Also, when it is placed on the vanguard circle, you can bind a card from your hand to return a rear-guard from your opponent’s field back to his/her deck.

Chronofang Tiger G is the evolved form of Chronofang Tiger that can also bind another rear-guard on your field to return an opponent’s rear-guard back to the bottom of his/her deck. Also, as a Stride, Chronotiger Rebellion allows you to bind one card from your hand and your rear-guard circle as a cost to give it an additional critical and drive for that battle when it attacks. Also, it can get Power +5000 for every two cards you have in your bind zone.

Drones of Tomorrow


Prospatheia Idea-drone & Kaigomai Idea-drone

Prospatheia Idea-drone may not be a <Zodiac Time Beast> unit, but it definitely comes in handy for this deck. It can bind one card as a cost from the drop zone, to bind a card from your field as well. Also, if you have bound a card from your field, you can make your opponent put a rear-guard back to the bottom of his/her deck.

Kaigomai Idea-drone is a solid defensive card which can also get you a <Zodiac Time Beast> in your bind zone. When it intercepts during the battle where your <Gear Colossus> vanguard was attacked, you can search your deck for up to one <Zodiac Time Beast> unit and bind it face up. On top of that, this unit will get an additional Shield +5000.


That summarizes this week’s article on one way you can build your <<Gear Chronicle>> around. We will be featuring another insight on this clan on the next article!

We are going to have Bushiroad World Championship (BWC) Regional Qualifiers at four locations: USA/Illinois, Germany, Singapore and Malaysia over the same weekend! Meanwhle, the G-CB04 Gear of Fate Sneak Preview events are also at this weekend! Nonetheless, please be noted that G-CB04 cards obtained from Sneak Preview tournaments are not allowed in BWC 2016 tournaments held on October 29/30, unless the card is a reprint / reissue card of a previously released card. Hope you can enjoy the events this weekend, and see you at the BWC 2016 Regional Qualifiers!




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