Deck Recipe

The Sylvan Horned Beast King's Advance

The Magnolia deck expands on its battle strategies with the use of Masque of Hydragrum!

Strengthen your fellow companions with the power of the Dragontree and overcome them with non-stop attacks from your rear-guards while reducing your opponent's fighting prowess!
Advance on the path of yearning further and higher than never before!

Nation: Stoicheia

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Sylvan Horned Beast King of Calamity, Magnolia Masques

Sylvan Horned Beast King of Calamity, Magnolia Masques
This card can only be ridden from a grade 3 "Magnolia".
All of your rear-guards on a rear-guard circle with a Dragontree marker can attack from the back row and get Power +10000!

By removing a different "Magnolia" card from hand, soul, or drop, you can retire one of your opponent's rear-guards when your rear-guard attacks a vanguard from the back row!
Fill your field with Dragontree markers and unleash waves of attacks onto your opponent with powered-up rear-guards!

Forced Grow Dragon

Forced Grow Dragon
When this unit is placed on a rear-guard circle other than during the battle phase, if your vanguard is "Sylvan Horned Beast King of Calamity, Magnolia Masques", by Counter-Blasting 1, call grade 3 or less cards from your drop up to the same number of Dragontree markers on your rear-guard circles!

When this unit attacks, your "Magnolia" vanguard gets Power +5000!
Revive all your companions back from drop and create your ideal field!

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