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Alongside Premium Collection 2022 is the much-anticipated Festival Collection 2022! Following the release of new Ride Lines from D Booster Set 05, featuring characters from the Cray Cross Epic and iconic Encounter units, it’s time to take a look at some more new support for the main ride lines of the Standard format! There’s a number of things to cover, so let’s dive straight into it!

New Features!

Certain cards from this set will be featured in a unique SSR rarity that showcases their splendor! With special hot-stamped signatures from the cast and characters as well as iconic phrases spoken by the characters immortalized in card form, these cards are absolutely must-have collector’s pieces! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get these uber-rare cards!

The sacred weapons that Bavsargra wields also receive a rarity upgrade! These cards feature a special red background and are bordered in gold, showcasing their royal heritage from the Dragon Empire! If you’re a Bavsargra player looking to bling out your deck further, this is your chance!

Sealed Blaze Sword, Prithivih
Sealed Blaze Shield, Swayanbuh
Sealed Blazed Spear, Aadhitya
Sealed Blaze Gun, Chandra

Sealed Blaze Sword, Prithivih, Sealed Blaze Shield, Swayanbuh, Sealed Blazed Spear, Aadhitya, and Sealed Blaze Gun, Chandra

We’re also introducing another set of special Heal triggers that come with bonus defensive benefits in specific situations! When these cards are placed on your Guardian Circle to defend against a unit that has 2 Critical or more, and it either had its Critical increased by a non-trigger ability or if its original Critical is 2 or more, they gain an additional +15000 Shield!

These cards are especially effective against decks that can confer bonus Critical onto their units without the use of Critical triggers! (Cards like “Master of Gravity, Baromagnes” and “Aurora Fierce Princess, Seraph Purelight” can be dealt with by these cards!) Of course, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of running these triggers as they have less base Shield values compared to their vanilla counterparts.

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Blaze Maiden, Amelia

Lifting the spirits of the divine dragon is the enthusiastic “Blaze Maiden, Amelia”! If you have a Nirvana vanguard and your opponent has a grade 3 or greater vanguard, you can Counter-Blast 1 and put this rear-guard into your soul to superior ride a Nirvana from your hand as Stand!

Amelia’s strengths are realized whenever you’re going second in a fight! This ally can be used to superior ride a “Chakrabarthi True Dragon, Mahar Nirvana” from hand as early as your first grade 3 turn! Its ability to catch up to your opponent’s offense is quite powerful; you’ll be able to damage your opponent with Mahar Nirvana’s effect and call “Vairina Esperaridea” a turn earlier than usual! In a deck that is quite reliant on its grade 4 units for its offense, Amelia accelerates that game plan to put the odds in your favor!

Blaze Battle Monk, Koukan

Blaze Battle Monk, Koukan” fights its way to the frontlines to support Nirvana and Vairina! When this rear-guard’s attack hits while you have an overDress unit, you draw a card! Given how easy it is to put an overDress unit on your field, you can be sure that Koukan’s effect conditions are consistently active. You can also direct its attack towards one of your opponent’s rear-guards; your opponent will be forced to defend that rear-guard if they want to deny Koukan’s card draw effect.

Sealed Blaze Dragon, Aaushniya

Providing aerial support for the Bavsargra deck is the azure “Sealed Blaze Dragon, Aaushniya“. When it enters the field, you can perform all of the following effects based on the type of Arms on your vanguard circle. Aaushniya gains an additional +10000 Power if you have a Right Deity Arms, and calls a grade 1 or less card from your drop to the field if you have a Left Deity Arms!

On its own, Aaushniya is already a good attacker that also re-calls other allies. In particular, you can call “Trickmoon” from your drop to Counter-Charge 1 and increase your board presence for no cost! Then, Trickmoon can boost your attackers to hit overwhelmingly high numbers!

Sealed Blaze Dragon, Idahm

With a domineering gaze, “Sealed Blaze Dragon, Idahm” terrifies any heretic standing in the way of Bavsargra. This rear-guard gets +5000 Power for each Arms card on your vanguard circle when it attacks, serving as an effective attacker for the deck!

While you might think that the previously mentioned Aaushniya is a better version of this card, take note that Aaushniya’s Power buff only lasts during the turn that it was called, whereas Idahm will have an offensive presence as long as it is on the board. As such, Idahm offers long-term value to your game plan by being a consistent attacker. (Given how easy it is to have two Arms on your vanguard circle.)

Sealed Blaze Dragon, Samsara

Rounding out the flight of Sealed Blaze Dragons is the formidable “Sealed Blaze Dragon, Samsara”. This rear-guard gets all of the following abilities for each Arms on your vanguard circle: +5000 Power during your turn if you have a Right Deity Arms, and Intercept if you have a Left Deity Arms!

On offense, Samsara achieves optimal numbers with other attackers/boosters like Aaushniya, Idahm and Trickmoon; then, its role transitions to that of a guardian when your opponent strikes back! Of course, you’ll have to call Samsara to your front row in order to utilize its defensive effect; regardless, the versatility of the card is nothing to be scoffed at.

Blaze Covert Monk, Kageri

Poised and ready to strike is the youthful “Blaze Covert Monk, Kageri“! By discarding this card from your hand during your turn, you can Counter-Blast 1 to give your vanguard an additional +10000 Power! To realize this card’s offensive potential, you can play it alongside Dragonic Overlord! (To pay for its restand effect, Dragonic Overlord has to discard cards from hand!)

Comparing this card to “Blaze Fist Monk, Enten“, Kageri offers more flexibility as it can be discarded when you’re riding from your ride deck, or when you’re preparing to Stand your Dragonic Overlord again. On the other hand, Enten requires the attack that it boosted to hit in order to buff one of your units. It’s achievable with Dragonic Overlord’s guaranteed hit when attacking a rear-guard, but it doesn’t have as much synergy with “Dragonic Overlord the End“. If you’re running “Dragonic Overlord the End” as your ace unit, you can opt for Kageri instead to make your vanguard attacks more explosive!

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Diabolos Madonna, Meagan

Diabolos Madonna, Meagan” combines otherworldly beauty and gargantuan strength to dominate on the pitch! When this rear-guard attacks while Final Rush is active, it gets an additional +10000 Power for the turn! It is worth noting that this ability is not limited to a once per turn; this means that you can use Bruce’s restand effect to maximize the amount of Power that Meagan can gain!

On a Persona Ride turn, she can easily achieve 30000+ Power all on her own! Meagan is definitely something worth running in a grade 3 Bruce-oriented deck; one that relies on “Diabolos Jetbacker, Lenard” and “Diabolos Returner, Deryck” to mount a threatening offensive push!

Diabolos Diver, Emmett

Players who prefer the grade 4 variant of Bruce can look at the agile “Diabolos Diver, Emmett“! By calling this rear-guard, you can Counter-Blast 1 to give your Bruce vanguard and this unit a helpful +5000 Power buff! Then, if you chose a grade 4 unit, you can Counter-Charge 1 and Soul-Charge 1!

Overall, Emmett is quite useful in buffing itself up and for Bruce to become more deadly on offense, given that the grade 4 Bruce is able to capitalize on the extra Power with its restand effect. You’ll also regain precious resources to make additional plays with other cards!

Diabolos Boys, Nile

Diabolos Boys, Nile” is a shrewd tactician for the Diabolos team, always ready to substitute into the game during key possessions. If your opponent’s attack hit your Bruce vanguard this turn, this guardian gets an additional +15000 Shield!

This card is quite effective in the early game, as it helps to mitigate aggression from your opponents with its big Shield. (This is due to how many players have become accustomed to rushing Bruce decks down to prevent their unstoppable turn 4.) Of course, it’ll require you to take at least 1 damage every turn, but it’s a decent condition to allow you to survive longer till you can launch your counter-attack!

Desire Devil, Dofund

Trampling through the outskirts of Dark States is the furious “Desire Devil, Dofund“! Call this card from hand while your vanguard is “Avaricious Demonic Dragon, Greedon” to Soul-Charge 2! By accumulating more soul, you’re more likely to achieve the full extent of Greedon’s restand ability!

When Dofund attacks while you have two or more copies of Greedon in your soul, it can gain an additional Critical for 1 Counter-Blast! During Persona Ride turns, it allows Dofund to become another attacker that exerts pressure on your opponent alongside Greedon! Your opponents will be hard pressed to deal with multiple Greedon attacks and a threatening Dofund attack! Combine this with guard restrictions from “Desire Devil, Gouman” to unleash a deadly stampede!

Desire Devil, Xitto

Swiftly attacking its prey, “Desire Devil, Xitto” is a fearsome beast to be reckoned with! When this rear-guard is put to soul by your vanguard’s ability, you can put a card in your drop into your soul!

Not only can this be used to further increase your soul count to fully activate Greedon’s restand ability, it can also be relied on to return some key pieces from drop back to soul! You could shove a copy of Greedon in your drop to soul so that you can activate Greedon’s first ability to extend your damage zone, or you could put another attacker like Dofund back into soul before it is called to the field by “Desire Devil, Bubetsuu“!

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Cardinal Dominus, Orfist Regis

Chaos unfolds as “Cardinal Dominus, Orfist Regis” makes its grand entrance! When this card is ridden, you can put a World card in your hand or drop into your Order Zone. Through this, you can increase your World order count to attain Abyssal Dark Night without manually playing orders from hand, and activate your order effects while bypassing their costs! This will also be quite crucial to Orfist Regis’ second ability.

When Orfist Regis attacks while your World is Abyssal Dark Night, you can pay the cost, and for every two World cards in your Order Zone, you can call a Shadow Army token to the field and buff this vanguard with an additional +5000 Power! This powerful multi-attack ability allows you to accumulate more Shadow Army tokens on your field for your offense, and gets stronger as you increase the number of World cards in your Order Zone. It also helps that you have other multiattack enablers like “Cardinal Draco, Destijade” that synergize well with this! It’s possible to achieve six high-powered attacks with Orfist Regis, Destijade and your Shadow Army tokens to finish off any opponent! (You could activate Destijade’s restand ability twice during that turn!) Ultimately, a card of this caliber definitely deserves to be run in your Orfist deck!

Cardinal Fang, Dadai

The untameable “Cardinal Fang, Dadai” thunders into battle without hesitation! By calling this grade 2 rear-guard while your World is Abyssal Dark Night, you can Counter-Blast 1 to call a Shadow Army token to your field!

While Orfist Regis allows you to launch even more attacks at your opponent, it may have some trouble forming an initial offensive front. (This was something that the base Orfist didn’t have much problem with, as it could call three Shadow Army tokens for Counter-Blast 2.) That’s where Dadai comes into play. Since it’s able to increase your board presence with another Shadow Army token to help form attacking columns, it’ll be quite important in the initial stage of your offense!

Cardinal Principal, Regio

As your Shadow Army tokens dissipate in the darkness, “Cardinal Principal, Regio” regains its energy! When your Shadow Army token is retired during your turn, Regio gets an additional +5000 Power! It’s a simple effect that can activate multiple times during your offensive push, given that you have cards like “Cardinal Draco, Alviderd”, “Cardinal Noid, Thumborino” and Destijade that help facilitate its Power gain! With a little bit of help in retiring Shadow Army tokens, Regio can become a massive attacker/booster!

Aurora Battle Princess, Launcher Charleen

Aurora Battle Princess, Launcher Charleen” releases a barrage of missiles to overwhelm foes! During the battle that it attacked, your opponent is unable to call normal units from hand to the guardian circle and play Blitz orders from hand! However, Launcher Charleen cannot attack if there are five or fewer of your opponent’s cards in your Prison.

This card has an interesting guard restriction that forces your opponent to only use their precious Trigger units to guard against its attack. Of course, you’ll need to ensure that you have at least six of your opponent’s cards imprisoned, but that won’t be an issue most of the time given that you have power cards like “Aurora Fierce Princess, Seraph Purelight” that can imprison numerous cards from your opponent’s board.

Aurora Battle Princess, Barrage Ltra

Aurora Battle Princess, Barrage Ltra” relentlessly pursues and cuts down any evildoers! When your opponent’s unit is retired from your rear-guard circle or guardian circle during the battle that this rear-guard attacked, you can imprison that retired card!

Whenever Barrage Ltra attacks, your opponent is either forced to take one damage from its attack, or guard with cards that will inevitably be imprisoned in your Prison! The multiple imprisonments can also embolden your other allies to perform their abilities! (For example, Seraph Purelight’s front row buff will become more potent!) As such, the only option to nullify Barrage Ltra’s effect is to use a Blitz Order to defend its attack. (Blitz Orders are not commonly viewed as a reliable defensive option in most decks and chances are, your opponent might not have them in handy.) Barrage Ltra’s potential to accumulate more of your opponent’s defensive cards in your Prison is very valuable for any Seraph Snow build.

Aurora Battle Princess, Horn Apricot

Stopping bad guys in their tracks is what “Aurora Battle Princess, Horn Apricot” loves to do! When this rear-guard boosts your “Seraph” vanguard, you can Counter-Blast 1 to force your opponent to imprison one of their trigger units in their drop into your Prison! This effect comes in handy if you need just one more card in your Prison to enable the full extent of other card abilities, like Seraph Purelight and “Aurora Battle Princess, Execute Lemonun”.

Gravidia Peters

Gravidia Peters” strengthens the Brandt Gate front while it slices and dices its opponents! When the attack that this rear-guard boosted hits, you can return up to two Meteorite cards in your drop to the bottom of your deck! If you put two cards, you can retire this rear-guard and draw a card!

Gravidia Peters’ attack has on-hit pressure to force your opponent to guard it! If the attack it boosted does hit, you’re able to recycle key Meteorites back to your deck to be searched out again by your other Gravidia cards and cycle through your deck for more key pieces!

Supporting the alien invasion from the back is the inquisitive “Gravidia Marut”. When this rear-guard attacks, you can put a Meteorite card in your hand into your Order Zone. If you do, Gravidia Marut gets an additional +5000 Power!

Not only does it serve as an effective attacker, it also accumulates more Meteorites in your Order Zone so that “Gravidia Nordlinger” can activate the full potential of its ability! It also bypasses the Order restriction for your turn, so you should be able to consistently prepare your Order Zone with Meteorites to unleash a meteoric burst of power when Nordlinger attacks!

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Keter Sanctuary Banner

Heavenly Command Dragon, Exalute Dragon
Bard of the Heavenly Instrument, Lutente

The duo of “Heavenly Command Dragon, Exalute Dragon” and “Bard of the Heavenly Instrument, Lutente” will overwhelm your enemies! Both cards can come into play when you have a Bastion vanguard. When Exalute Dragon is called to the field, you can call Lutente directly from your deck to a rear-guard circle in the same column as this card! Then, Lutente returns the favor, gaining an additional +5000 Power when boosting a grade 3 or greater unit!

With Bastion’s additional effect to give your grade 3 units an additional +2000 Power, you can be sure that Exalute Dragon and Lutente will be able to force more guard out of your opponent’s hand! (This attacking column can hit at least 28000 Power on its own!) Of course, you’ll have to be careful when tinkering with the ratios of Lutente in your deck, as you still want to maximize the number of grade 3 cards in your deck to activate Bastion’s Stand effect.

Heavenly Judgment of Composition, Heathcourt

The regal “Heavenly Judgment of Composition, Heathcourt” provides much-needed utility to your Keter Sanctuary decks! It gains +5000 Power if a grade 3 card was revealed for your drive check; in a Bastion deck with high grade 3 ratios, you can expect that this ability can pop off consistently!

Of course, Heathcourt’s usefulness lies in its second ability. When it is retired during your opponent’s turn, you can Soul-Blast 1 to put a grade 3 card in your drop other than another copy of Heathcourt back into your hand! This ability is extremely versatile; you can grab your Persona Ride pieces in your drop for later use; you could grab some defensive grade 3s like “Actual Analyst, Kokabiel” and “Heavenly Enclasp Dragon, Embrace Dragon” to block other attacks! To activate Heathcourt reliably, you could consider Blitz Orders like “Blessing of the Hell Dragon” which can retire Heathcourt for defensive buffs!

Heavenly Sickle of Pulsation, Repodron

Reaping the harvests of the battlefield is the tenacious “Heavenly Sickle of Pulsation, Repodron”! When this rear-guard’s attack hits, you can Counter-Blast 1 to give one of your grade 3 or greater units an additional +10000 Power for the turn!

You can rely on Repodron when you’re trying to create more pressure for your offense! Should its attack hit, one of your other attackers (your vanguard or your other grade 3 rear-guard) will benefit from Repodron’s Power buff! As such, your opponent should be enticed to block Repodron’s attack most of the time, reducing their hand to guard against other hard hitters. You can also direct Repodron to attack one of your opponent’s rear-guards; in tight situations where your opponent is pushed to their brink, they might be more willing to let its attack hit against their rear-guard.

Tetrafavor Sorceress

The renowned magical girl “Tetrafavor Sorceress” leaves her mark on the battlefield! When its attack hits a vanguard while it was boosted, you can pay the cost to draw a card. This simple ability exerts some pressure on your opponent; they’ll be forced to block its attack in order to prevent you from gaining more card advantage. With potential extra buffs from Persona Ride and other card abilities, you can make it even more difficult for your opponent to deal with this card!

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Dead Sea Spiritualist, Grave=Zorga

The gloomy depths of the seven seas harbor the awakened “Dead Sea Spiritualist, Grave=Zorga”! Grave=Zorga’s first ability gives all of your front row units an additional +5000 Power if you performed Alchemagic this turn. This simple ability is like a mini Persona Ride, and it will be active most of the time given how easy it is to perform Alchemagic every turn!

Of course, Grave=Zorga’s hidden strength lies in its second ability. By paying the cost, you can put a normal order from your drop into your hand, and when you would play a normal order during your turn, you can bind a normal card with a different card name from your drop, and Alchemagic.

This card may seem quite similar to that of the former Zorga, but Grave=Zorga offers a lot more in terms of consistency and reliability in using your normal orders! Since you’re able to obtain orders directly from your drop, you can easily recycle key normal orders over the course of the game to consistently set up your offense! With a vast pool of orders to draw inspiration from, Grave=Zorga’s potential is only as deep as your drop zone.

Longing Maid

Longing Maid” is a serene and reliable beauty for your Zorga deck! When this rear-guard attacks, you can discard an order from your hand to give this unit an additional +10000 Power! This simple ability allows you to accumulate more order cards in your drop, setting up your game plan for subsequent turns with Zorga! This rear-guard will also be able to hit optimal numbers with a grade 1 8000 Power booster, making it a very consistent and efficient attacker.

Clouded Miasma

Strike your foes fast and hard with the normal order “Clouded Miasma”! By paying the cost, you can call a grade 3 or less card from your drop to the field. Then, if this was Alchemagic, you can give your vanguard the ability to confer +5000 Power to all of your front row units for the turn!

Clouded Miasma allows you to increase your board presence with another key attacker/booster, and gives you a mini-Persona Ride effect to further enhance the potency of your attacking columns! With staple attackers like “Roaming Prison Dragon” and powerful orders like “Grief, Despair, and Rejection”, this card is just the icing on the cake to elevate your attacking columns to deadly numbers!

Sylvan Horned Beast, Armadi

While it may look adorable and harmless, “Sylvan Horned Beast, Armadi” is not one to be trifled with. When your other rear-guard attacks from the back row, you can Counter-Blast 1 and put this unit into your soul to give that attacking unit an additional +10000 Power!

In Magnolia, Armadi helps to beef up other attacking units to hit higher numbers! It can also be run in other Stoicheia decks like the recently revealed Rorowa ride line! Since “Momokke” can attack from the back row, you can buff up Momokke with Armadi’s effect to allow it to hit even more threatening numbers! It also helps that Armadi refuels your soul to pay for other card abilities and removes itself from the board to prevent enemy interference with your field! With much versatility, this beast is definitely worth trying out in a variety of Stoicheia decks!

Explorer of the Grand Ravine, C. K. Sakatt

The adventurous “Explorer of the Grand Ravine, C. K. Sakatt” swings into the battlefield when you need help! If this rear-guard is on your back row middle rear-guard circle, it can intercept from the back row! This ability comes in handy during turns when your vanguard is not “Sylvan Horned Beast Emperor, Magnolia Elder” (which gives your rear-guards the ability to intercept from the back row). It also ties in with its second ability, which allows it to get an additional +10000 Shield when it intercepts from the back row!

Overall, C. K. Sakatt’s main use is to provide on-demand defense for your Magnolia deck to last the long haul. If you find yourself struggling to survive throughout your games, you can look into running this card in your deck!

Another cute creature for Magnolia players to consider is the tame “Sylvan Horned Beast, Kamapuu”! When this grade 1 rear-guard attacks, it gets an additional +2000 Power for each grade 2 or greater unit in your back row! On its own, it’s able to hit a maximum of 14000 Power; this can be particularly useful in the early game when you’re playing a bit more aggressively in your Magnolia deck.

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With some cards that are game changers for certain decks, and new options for other decks to consider, this Festival Collection is chock-full of surprises and exciting things! This special set is now on sale, so be sure to get yours now!

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