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The long awaited P Clan Collection 2022 is here! After a one year hiatus, we’re back to bring you dedicated support cards for your Premium decks! These new Strides and G Guardians will be able to boost your decks in ways that will leave you amazed! We’ll also be reprinting important Critical triggers that were originally introduced in “Special Series 01: Premium Collection 2019” and “Special Series 05: Premium Collection 2020”, so don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to jump into the Premium format!

Introduction to Premium

In Premium, players build decks according to clans instead of nations. Clans are defined by their different themes and focuses; for example, Royal Paladin is a clan composed of holy knights focused on calling allies, while Kagero is a clan composed of fiery dragons and dragon knights focused on retiring the opponent’s rear-guards. All cards have a clan, listed in the bottom-right corner of the card above its race. Additionally, all clans are associated with a nation. This mechanic is also used in the V-Premium format as well!

Additionally, one of the main highlights of the Premium format is the unique G zone! This additional zone is akin to an extra deck, and it houses prominent G units that you can rely on! G units are also further broken down into two categories: Strides and G Guardians.

Strides are offensive tools that you can utilize to elevate your deck’s game plan! Some of these Strides are options that you go into to facilitate your strategy, while others are key pieces that enable your deck to function! On the other hand, G Guardians are defensive in nature, giving you additional protection to survive your opponent’s barrage of attacks! Some G Guardians have additional utility in setting up your game plan, while others are purely used for their impactful defense!

While there are other features that are unique to the Premium format, the clan mechanic and the G zone functions are the most important features that you should take note of if you’re beginning your journey into the vast Premium landscape.

Key Features

Amulet Pure Eagle

These Critical triggers that debuted in “Special Series 01: PREMIUM COLLECTION 2019” will return this set! If these cards are on the field and Generation Break 1 is active when your vanguard attacks, you can put this unit into your soul to draw a card and give your vanguard an additional +10000 Power for that battle!

These Critical triggers are especially useful in giving your vanguard an extra offensive boost while also cycling through your deck for more key pieces. Their potential is seen more in decks that are able to superior call frequently (like Gold Paladin, Pale Moon and Spike Brothers), but in general they’re run in most Premium decks since they have 15000 Shield and still have beneficial effects!

Divine Knight of Triumph, Eulogias

On the other hand, the Critical triggers in “Special Series 05: PREMIUM COLLECTION 2020” have great deckbuilding benefits! If these cards are in your hand, when you are paying the cost for Striding, you can discard them as a grade 3!

In short, they help to increase the number of cards in your deck that can be used to pay the cost for Stride while also being an offensive trigger unit. Furthermore, you’re able to save your grade 3 units for other purposes. (For example, Dimension Police players definitely prefer these Stride fodder Critical triggers as they can save their grade 3s for defensive purposes given that “Super Dimensional Robo, Dailiner” and “Heat Wave Beast, Geomaglass” can give your grade 3s extra Shield value.)

Other than these key reprints, this Premium Collection also brings back the Special Rare rarity for all of the Strides! You’ll be able to bling your G zone with full art variants of your key Strides!

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Divine Knight of Triumph, Eulogias

With dual blades, the “Divine Knight of Triumph, Eulogias” strides into battle with victory imminent! When this unit attacks, you can Counter-Blast 1 and turn a card in your G zone face up to draw the same number of cards as the number of your rear-guards, and call the same number of cards as the number of cards drawn to the field. Then, you also gain a Force marker if you have five or more rear-guards!

Simply put, Eulogias helps to cycle through your deck for key pieces, increase the number of face up cards in your G zone, enable multiattack for more pressure and generate additional Force markers for extra Power!

One key use of Eulogias is in the Jewel Knight archetype, as you’ll be able to gain benefits for calling new allies over your previously attacked rear-guards. If you have a full board of Jewel Knight units, you can gain a plethora of benefits from Eulogias’ full board replacement! Of course, you’re not forced to always have a full board to maximize Eulogias’ draw effect. You can simply have three rear-guards on the field prior to Eulogias’ activation so that you can call another three rear-guards to the field and still have a full field to gain an additional Force marker.

Eulogias will also be extremely useful in the matchup against Megacolony. You can still achieve multiattacking against your opponent’s “Guilty Empress, Darkface Gredora” (as you’re calling cards from your hand to the field instead of from the deck). Even if your opponent relies on “Lawless Mutant Deity, Obtirandus” to prevent you from calling anything to your rear-guard circles, you’ll instead be able to increase your card advantage as the cards drawn will remain in hand! As such, Eulogias should definitely be a consideration in your Royal Paladin G zone!

Faithful Sacred Staff, Morgause

A great defensive G Guardian for Royal Paladin is “Faithful Sacred Staff, Morgause”! When it is put on the guardian circle, you can give one of your grade 2 units an additional +10000 Shield and this helpful effect: when it intercepts, you can Counter-Blast 1 and Soul-Blast 1 to prevent one of your units from being hit for that battle!

In situations where you need to absolutely block one of your opponent’s attacks and you can’t use your Perfect Guards(due to your opponent’s card effects or simply not having one in hand), Morgause will be especially useful! With how integral grade 2 units are in Royal Paladin, you can be sure to have a grade 2 unit to Intercept with for its effect.

Even though Morgause is a G Guardian that you can rely on situationally, it’s definitely a neat option to use when you have to circumvent guard restrictions that your opponent imposes on your defense.

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Happiness Gathering Dragon King

Divining the future and making it reality is what “Happiness Gathering Dragon King” does! By turning a card in your G zone face up, you can reveal cards from the top of your deck equal to the number of face up cards in G zone +2. You then call all of the revealed normal units to the field, and put all of the revealed trigger units into your hand. Then, you can activate the trigger effects of all revealed cards!

Happiness Gathering Dragon King’s strength lies in its ability to generate card advantage for essentially no cost! Even the flipping of a card in the G zone is extremely beneficial in increasing your Generation Break count! Furthermore, this ability can be used to activate your trigger effects and “when revealed” card effects to further increase offensive pressure! Your trigger units, and abilities of cards like “Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu” and “Goddess of Running Water, Ichikishima”, will be able to activate to strengthen your board further!

Happiness Gathering Dragon King is a powerful first Stride that nets you three cards on its first activation, and it gets even more powerful as the game progresses and more cards are flipped up in your G zone! With other essential Strides like “Still Water Festival Deity, Ichikishima” and “Sterling Witch, MoMo”, they form the trifecta of powerful boss cards that Oracle Think Tank players can utilize! This Stride and MoMo are great first Strides to go into with their different merits, while Ichikishima continues to be the main card to end games. Oracle Think Tank is definitely in a great spot in the Premium landscape, so don’t miss out on this wave of clan support!

You can also rely on “Octadic Reinforcer, Octagonal Magus” as a defensive option for your Oracle Think Tank G zone! When it enters the field, you can declare any two grades from 0 to 3. Then, reveal the top card of the deck, and if the card revealed has any of the declared grades, you can put that card into your hand, and give Octagonal Magus an additional +15000 Shield!

To wield Octagonal Magus well, cards that are able to determine the top cards of your deck before going into Octagonal Magus will be most helpful. Cards like “Sun of Eternity, Amaterasu” and “Excite Battle Sister, Bavarois” could be useful in determining what the top card of your deck is, so you can declare a grade safely to activate Octagonal Magus.

Furthermore, if you’re able to reveal Amaterasu and Ichikishima from this effect, you could give your vanguard useful defensive Power to better endure your opponent’s attacks! Overall, Octagonal Magus has great synergy with many cards of the clan while providing effective defense!

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Holy Seraph, Zafhkiel

Holy Seraph, Zafhkiel” descends into the battlefield, ready to deliver divine judgment! By discarding a card from your hand, you can put up to three cards from your drop or among your circles other than the vanguard circle into your damage zone. For each normal unit put, you can buff your front row units with a significant +10000 Power! For each trigger unit put, Zafkiel gains an additional drive! Then, you heal cards from your damage zone equal to the number of cards put into the damage zone this way!

Zafkiel’s versatility and offensive prowess is not to be looked down on! You could use its effect to launch a powerful offense by putting normal units into your damage zone, or gain card advantage with extra drives from putting trigger units instead. Furthermore, this ability could be useful in setting up your damage zone with key units to continue your combos. You could use Zafkiel to put a “Black Observe, Hamiel” from your drop into your damage zone, before using “Black Aculeus, Japhkiel” to add that Hamiel to hand!

One interesting tidbit about Zafkiel is that ite is able to put locked cards on your field into the damage zone, so it’ll be a great counter to Link Joker decks! Also, you can use Zafkiel’s heal effect to remove any face down cards in your damage zone to have a fully face up damage zone that can be utilized for your other abilities!

No matter what the game state is like, Zafkiel will always be a solid Stride to go into! As a first Stride, you can use Zafkiel as a means to easily gain card advantage and prepare for your finishing turns! As the game progresses, using Zafkiel to buff your board becomes a more viable option as you’re looking for ways to end the game. In short, Zafkiel is a reliable Stride for your Angel Feather deck!

Super Mobile Hospital, Firmament Glanz

Super Mobile Hospital, Firmament Glanz” is where you want to be to rest and recuperate from your injuries! When it enters the field, you can Counter-Blast 3 and Soul-Blast 1 to call a card from your damage zone to the guardian circle!

Firstly, you could use Firmament Glanz to call a Perfect Guard from your damage zone to block an incoming attack! It’s relatively easy to set up specific defensive cards into your damage zone since you can use Zafkiel to facilitate their movement from the field/drop into the damage zone!

Furthermore, by calling a defender directly from the damage zone, you’re also healing yourself of one damage! This allows you to save yourself from potential defeat, while also reducing the amount of face down cards in your damage zone. This effectively makes Firmament Glanz’ ability cost to be 2 Counter-Blast and 1 Soul-Blast instead. With such defensive utility, you should definitely play this card in any Angel Feather G zone!

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Dark Knight, Crow Cruach

Dark Knight, Crow Cruach” lurks in the shadows, ready to strike when you least expect it! By retiring two of your rear-guards, you can force your opponent to retire three of their rear-guards. If they do not retire three cards, Crow Cruach gets +10000 Power and an additional ability: after it attacked, you can Counter-Blast 1 and retire two rear-guards to Stand it again!

You’ll generally want to use Crow Cruach in situations where your opponent has a limited board, as you’ll be able to guarantee this card’s Stand effect from activating! Crow Cruach can be a fine replacement for the former “Dark Dragon, Spectral Blaster ‘Diablo’“, given that this card has more offensive Power, no reduction of drives and requires less resources for its cost.

While Crow Cruach is not the main Stride that players will rely on (they usually go into “Dragprincipal, Morfessa” or “Dark Dragon, Chainrancor Dragon”), it’s definitely an option to go into from time to time as a potential finisher if you’ve run out of resources to utilize either Stride.

Dark Dragon, Deep Griever Dragon

On the other hand, “Dark Dragon, Deep Griever Dragon” is a must play in all Shadow Paladin G zones for its phenomenal utility! When it enters the field, you can return up to five grade 1 cards in your drop to the bottom of your deck. Deep Griever Dragon gains an additional +5000 Shield for each card put this way. Then, if you put five cards this way, you can Counter-Blast 1 to prevent one of your units from being hit during that battle!

Deep Griever Dragon performs a myriad of roles for your deck! Firstly, it can recycle your key grade 1 rear-guards back into your deck for use again the following turn. While this might seem counterintuitive to cards like Morfessa, there are still many cards in the clan that allow you to filter your deck to put more grade 1s into your drop again! (like “Blue Espada Dragon” and “Darkpride Dragon”.) Furthermore, it can be a great countermeasure against decking out as you’ll be able to increase your deck density again!

Of course, the defensive aspects of Deep Griever Dragon should not be ignored! It’ll be able to gain a maximum 25000 Shield to put a stop to most attacks. In addition, against attacks that are supremely difficult to block due to guard restrictions or exceedingly high Power, it can serve as a pseudo-Perfect Guard to stop that attack in its tracks!

Given how easily Shadow Paladin can fill their drop with grade 1 cards, it’ll be relatively easy to maximize this card’s effect. No matter what Shadow Paladin archetype you’re playing, Deep Griever Dragon will provide massive benefits that allow you to survive until you can execute your game plan.

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Golden Knight of Prosperity, Idvarious

Wielding the royal lance into battle is the mesmerizing “Golden Knight of Prosperity, Idvarious”! This vanguard gives all rear-guards called by a card’s ability +5000 Power, so by superior calling consistently throughout your turn, you can ensure that all of your allies will be able to hit your opponent for higher numbers! With a whole arsenal of cards that allow you to superior call from hand or deck, Idvarious will be able to launch a strong initial offense!

Idvarious also has a potent second ability. When it attacks, you can Counter-Blast 1 to put all of your Rest rear-guards to the bottom of your deck, and call two cards from your hand to the field! If you returned four or more rear-guards to your deck this way, after this vanguard attacked, you can Stand it and it gets drive -2!

With such an ability, not only will you be able to pummel your opponent with your powerful vanguard attack once more, you can also superior call allies to join you in the attack! Those rear-guards that you call can also activate their abilities to call even more rear-guards, so you could potentially reset your board with a full board if you play your cards right! Other than this, being able to return your board of former attackers back into your deck can be helpful in recycling your key pieces so that you can superior call them again! If you’re also on the verge of losing by deck out, such an effect will expand your deck.

To maximize the potential of Idvarious, using cards that can buff up your vanguard like “Full Cavalier Dragon” could be helpful. Other cards that are able to chain superior calls from your deck or hand will also be especially helpful as well after Idvarious clears your board.

Golden Dragon, Sanctified Dragon

Golden Dragon, Sanctified Dragon” is a G Guardian that sees its potential unlocked in its superior calls! When it is put on the guardian circle, you can Soul-Blast 1 to look at the top two cards of your deck, call up to two unit cards from among them to the guardian circle, and discard the rest. If you called a grade 1 or greater, you can draw a card! With this card, you can potentially rally high quality defenders like Perfect Guards to deal with an oppressive offense!

While this card is akin to a weaker “Golden Beast, Sleimy Flare” (Sleimy Flare can call two defenders from the top five cards of your deck, whereas Sanctified Dragon only can call from the top two cards), this G Guardian can be useful in situations that you might not have any rear-guards to return to deck for the cost of Sleimy Flare’s ability. Furthermore, Sanctified Dragon also allows you to cycle through your deck further for more key pieces! That card draw could be essential to you surviving your opponent’s offense!

In short, Sanctified Dragon is a key G Guardian that should be run alongside Sleimy Flare! Against decks like Kagero or Narukami that can clear your board, this card will come in handy!

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Soul-offering Heavenly Dragon, Jagdanarruga

Bow down before the almighty “Soul-offering Heavenly Dragon, Jagdanarruga”! When this vanguard attacks, you can turn a card in your G zone face up to put any number of cards in your drop with different grades into your soul, and this unit gets an additional +10000 Power for the turn! Such an ability has a myriad of purposes for your deck! Firstly, it increases the number of face up cards in your G zone, so you’ll be able to activate your other units with powerful Generation Break abilities!

Secondly, you’ll have the opportunity to amass more soul for other key plays further in the game! This could be useful in preparing for cards like “Complete Beauty, Amaruda Aphross”, which has a steep Soul-Blast cost for its ability. It could also be used to put certain key pieces into your soul so that you can make further plays! For example, you can put a “Mythical Destroyer Beast, Vanargandr” or “Reverent White Sorcerer, Veratrum” into your soul to be put into drop by “Secret Elsie” during your opponent’s battle phase. If you have “Mythic Beast, Fenrir” as your vanguard, you can then call either card to the field and use their abilities to remove your opponent’s attackers and cancel their attacks!

Of course, you can also use its first effect to prepare for Jadanarruga’s second ability! When your opponent’s guardian is placed other than from the deck, you can Soul-Blast 3 to retire that guardian and force your opponent to call the top card of their deck to the guardian circle! This effect can be useful in disrupting your opponent’s defense against your attack; it can be used to remove G Guardians or high Shield defenders and replace them with potentially weaker units! It can also be used multiple times during your turn (if you have sufficient soul), so it can pose quite a problem to your opponent’s defending of your attacks. Of course, it’s worth noting that Perfect Guard effects will not be negated by this ability, so there are times that you shouldn’t waste your soul on this effect.

Jadanarruga is definitely an option that you can go into if you need to accelerate Generation Break abilities but you don’t have the Counter-Blast to make your plays; it can also be used as a finisher if you know that your opponent’s key defensive cards have been depleted! (like Heal triggers that can be discarded for G Guardians and Sentinels.)

Sky Enforcing Light Dragon, Aanavarta

Providing defensive coverage from the skies is “Sky Enforcing Light Dragon, Aanavarta”! When it enters the field, you can put a card from your hand or a rear-guard into soul to give it a useful +10000 Shield. Furthermore, you can put a total of two cards from your hand or your rear-guards into soul to reduce one of your opponent’s unit’s Critical by 2!

Like Jadanarruga, Aanavarta is able to accumulate soul for your other plays quite easily. You’ll be able to put key pieces from hand or among your rear-guards back into soul and prepare for your offensive and defensive combos! Other than this, the defensive benefits that Aanavarta offers are also quite significant! Other than being a 25000 Shield defender, it can also reduce the efficacy of high Critical attackers on your opponent’s field! Cards like “Demon Marquis, Amon” and “Black Observe, Hamiel” will be less dangerous against this G Guardian!

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Divine Dragon Knight, Barakat

The defiant “Divine Dragon Knight, Barakat” lets out a blazing roar on the fields of the Dragon Empire. When this Vanguard attacks, you can flip a card in your G zone face up. If your opponent has three or more open rear-guard circles, Barakat gains a significant +10000 Power, and an additional Critical and drive! If your opponent has five or more open rear-guard circles, all of your rear-guards get +10000 Power as well!

Basically, you can rely on Barakat as a neat offensive option should your opponent not have any rear-guards on their field. With many units in Kagero to help you remove enemy units easily, Barakat’s ability conditions can easily be met! Of course, you’ll also want to have a full board of allies to benefit from Barakat’s field buff!

While this card may not be super useful in the popular Overlord variant, it could play a part in other field control decks. (Of course, there are definitely situations that call for using Barakat in Overlord decks, but you would primarily focus on decimating your opponent with multiple attacks from “Dragonic Overlord ‘The X’“.) Cards like “Dragonic Lawkeeper” and “Blazing Flare Dragon” are great units that can synergise well with what Barakat wants to achieve, so there’s definitely a place for Barakat in a Kagero G zone.

Blaze Dragon Dance, Saleema

Blaze Dragon Dance, Saleema” is a highly defensive G Guardian that you can utilize to burn away your opponent’s attacks! When it is put on the guardian circle, you can Soul-Blast 1 and discard four cards from your hand to prevent one of your units from being hit for that battle! For each open rear-guard circle on your opponent’s board, the number of cards discarded for this cost is reduced by one!

Essentially, Saleema will be particularly useful in blocking your opponent’s attacks completely while also bypassing any sentinel restrictions that some offensive units might have! Furthermore, you can reduce the cost of its ability by ensuring your opponent’s board remains limited. Dragonic Lawkeeper definitely helps to facilitate this, given that it can bind your opponent’s rear-guards during your opponent’s turn; you also have other defensive G Guardians that can retire your opponent’s rear-guards like “Flame Wing Steel Beast, Denial Griffin” and “Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Advance Guard Dragon” to open up more rear-guard circles for Saleema’s effect to go off! With so many cards that can make Saleema’s cost more bearable, this card definitely deserves to see play in your G zone!

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Rikudo Stealth Rogue, Yatsukalord

Rikudo Stealth Rogue, Yatsukalord” controls and disrupts every move your opponent makes! By paying Counter-Blast 1 and Soul-Blast 1, you can choose three unit cards in your opponent’s drop, and they can call up to three of them to the field. For each card called, your opponent is forced to discard a card. Then, for each card your opponent chooses not to call, you’ll be able to draw a card and buff your front row with a significant +10000 Power!

Yatsukalord’s strength lies in its ability to mess up your opponent’s board state. You could use it to call grade 0 trigger units in your opponent’s drop to the field to take up space on their field and potentially remove some key rear-guards (if they have a full board.) Furthermore, you’ll also be able to reduce your opponent’s hand size, diminishing their defenses such that they find it more difficult to respond to your attacks! While your opponent has the option to not call the units that you have chosen, you’ll be able to increase your card advantage greatly and buff up your attackers to amp up the pressure on your opponent! It helps that Yatsukalord’s effect is an ACT ability, allowing you to call down your key pieces during your main phase before activating this card.

Since Yatsukalord has quite beneficial effects and does not require much commitment from you, it can be used well in many Nubatama decks! It’s definitely a card that you want to Stride into occasionally to throw your opponent into disarray while slowly pushing them to the brink!

Rikudo Stealth Rogue, Moreilord

Rikudo Stealth Rogue, Moreilord” is a G Guardian that gets enhanced if your opponent has a huge hand! When it is put on the guardian circle, you can Counter-Blast 1 to give Moreilord +5000 Shield for each card in your opponent’s hand! If your opponent’s hand has four or less cards, you draw a card as well!

Simply put, Moreilord will be extremely useful in stopping attacks in their tracks if your opponent has a large hand size. Many decks in the Premium landscape are able to build up their hand size quite easily, so Moreilord will come in handy against their dangerous attacks. (Examples include clans like Great Nature and Oracle Think Tank.)

On the other hand, Moreilord can still be helpful if you’re trying to cycle through your deck for more key pieces against an opponent that doesn’t have a huge hand. This card won’t gain as much Shield as it would against an opponent with a large hand, but the extra card draw is quite nice to have, especially if you’re just looking for a clutch Perfect Guard from your deck. Overall, Moreilord is a versatile card that has use in any Nubatama G zone!

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Explosive Tyrant Magnate, Giganotopharaoh

From a handgun to a battleaxe, “Explosive Tyrant Magnate, Giganotopharaoh” has a vast arsenal of dangerous weapons to bring into battle! This powerful vanguard has the Engorge ability, which allows it to retire any number of your rear-guards to become engorged. This effect helps to activate Giganotopharaoh’s second ability and your other rear-guards’ card effects that come into play when they are retired by your ability! (Such key pieces include “Child Dragon, Baby Tyranno”, “Black Wing Dragon, Raven Ptera” and the duo of “Sprinting Dragon, Bluesprint” and “Regiment Dragon, Regiodon”.)

Giganotopharaoh’s second ability activates when it becomes engorged, allowing you to Counter-Blast 1 and turn a card in your G zone face up to choose the same number of rear-guards as the number of units retired for this unit’s ability, and they get +10000 Power and this strong ability: after they attacked, you can Soul-Blast 1 to Stand them again!

This effect can be used to buff up key attackers like “Sweeper Dragon, Sweeperacrocanto” or “Savage Mercenary” to hit higher numbers and attack your opponent multiple times. Combine this with the effects of your units that were retired for Gigantopharaoh’s Engorge effect, and you can be sure that your dinos can tear your opponent’s defenses to shreds!

Giganotopharaoh joins the bastion of powerful Dinodragons like “Unrivalled Ruler, Gluttony Nebiros”, “Destruction Tyrant, Gyangchuraptor” and “Great Emperor, Gaia Dynast”; it’s definitely worth an inclusion in any Tachikaze G zone!

Fortress Marquis, Regalgarder

If you need a tanky dino to survive against threats, you can look at “Fortress Marquis, Regalgarder”! When it enters the field, you can retire any number of your rear-guards to give this guardian a significant +10000 Shield for every unit retired for this cost. Then, you can also draw a card for each unit with equip gauge retired for this cost!

With how Tachikaze can generate a full board of rear-guards, Regalgarder can easily gain great Shield value to block most attacks! Furthermore, you’ll be able to gain some card advantage to advance your game plan or get defensive cards in hand to block other attacks by retiring those units with equip gauge.

When Regalgarder is combined with “Ancient Dragon, Iguanogorg”, Regiodon or Bluesprint that have equip gauge on them, you can draw more cards from your deck and also maintain your board presence as these cards will be able to recall more units to the field. (Iguanogorg can recall itself as Rest, whereas Regiodon and Bluesprint will call a card from their equip gauge instead.) Overall, Regalgarder is definitely a strong defensive option in many Tachikaze decks!

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Murakumo Banner

Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Izushiotome

Summon an endless horde of allies with “Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Izushiotome”! When you pay the cost, you can select two of your rear-guards, and call up to one card with the same card name as those rear-guards from your deck to the field!

This simple ability allows you to call more copies of your key rear-guards to launch an offensive front! With powerful allies such as “Six Flowers of Phantasms, Shirayuki” and “Stealth Dragon, Dual Weapon”, you’ll be able to maximize the aggression that your Murakumo deck can put out! (For example, with more copies of Six Flowers Shirayuki on the field, you can reduce your opponent’s Power even further to make it supremely difficult to block your other attacks!) This card effect can also increase the number of face up cards in your G zone to activate other Stride abilities further in the game! Also, you could flip a “Ambush Demon Stealth Dragon, Shibarakku Viktor” to potentially gain an extra attacker! (If one of your unit’s attack does not hit, Shibarakku Viktor’s Shadowstitch effect can activate to call itself to the field for 1 Soul-Blast!)

Of course, calling copies of your rear-guards will help to activate Izushiotome’s second ability! This card allows all of your units with the same card name as another of your units to attack from the back row! With how easy it is to call clones of your allies in Murakumo (with cards like Dual Weapon and “Stealth Dragon, Hiden Scroll”), you’ll be able to ensure that your field of rear-guards is fine-tuned for maximum attacks!

Izushiotome will work particularly well with the Shirayuki archetype. On its own, while Izushiotome can enable back row attacking, it does not confer any additional buffs to those back row attackers to be able to hit numbers. However, with Shirayuki cards having the ability to reduce your opponent’s vanguard Power, those rear-guards will have sufficient Power to hit your opponent’s vanguard!

Murakumo definitely benefits from the addition of Izushiotome, and it’s sure to be in a great position in the Premium landscape. With two powerful Strides in the form of Izushiotome and Shibarakku Viktor, you can easily set up a board of your allies and achieve a swift win!

Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Aizen

Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Aizen” is an interesting G Guardian that has defensive potential when you have a board of clones! When it is put on the guardian circle, you can choose one of your rear-guards, and it gets this ability: after your opponent’s unit attacked, if that attack did not hit, you can Soul-Blast 1 to return this unit to your hand! Furthermore, Aizen gains an additional +10000 Shield for each unit on your field that has the same name as the chosen unit!

Firstly, you can use Aizen to bounce one of your key rear-guards back to hand to be used again for your offense the following turn! Then, Aizen also can gain significant Shield if there are multiple copies of that chosen rear-guard. Given how easy it is to accumulate clones of rear-guards on your board, you can be sure that Aizen can get defensively huge consistently!

Aizen is definitely an option to hold onto in your G zone, especially in situations that you need to gain some card advantage by bouncing a rear-guard with high Shield value back to hand (for example, a V Series grade 1 that has 10000 Shield), or when you have a board of clones to capitalize on.

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Narukami Banner

Conquering Supreme Dragon, Exterminate Dragon

Strike as fast as lightning with the imposing “Conquering Supreme Dragon, Exterminate Dragon”! When this vanguard enters the field, you can Soul-Blast 1 and draw a card for each of your opponent’s open front row rear-guard circles! This simple but powerful effect allows you to regain card advantage quite easily, and scales even more if your opponent is able to create additional rear-guard circles.

Furthermore, you can Counter-Blast 1 to give your front row units +10000 Power for each open front row rear-guard circle that your opponent has! This potent effect punishes your opponent for keeping their front row open, allowing you to launch an offense that is extremely hard to defend! Maximize this field buff with other rear-guards like “Fiendish Sword Eradicator, Cho-Ou” and “Vairina Esperaridea” that can attack multiple times, or with vanguards that can superior ride mid-battle phase! (Like “Dragonic Vanquisher ‘FULLBRONTO’“.)

In situations where your opponent keeps their front row empty (possibly in fear of you using “Conquering Supreme Dragon, Stunverse Dragon” to gain significant advantage”), you can make the easy decision to Stride this and punish your opponent by gaining card advantage and buffing your board greatly. Overall, the duo of Stunverse Dragon and Exterminate Dragon in your G zone will be more than enough to give your opponent a headache in dealing with your deck! With two awesome Strides and a library of synergistic cards, Narukami is definitely in a great spot for the Premium format.

Sky Guardian Supreme Dragon, Counteract Dragon

Sky Guardian Supreme Dragon, Counteract Dragon” is another G Guardian that Narukami mains can rely on! When it enters the field, your opponent can bind up to two of their front row rear-guards. If two cards were not bound, Counteract Dragon gets an additional +10000 Shield. If no cards were bound, it gets another +10000 Shield.

Your opponent’s offense will be crippled heavily no matter what they do. They could either lose both of their key attackers or allow Counteract Dragon to gain a maximum of 35000 Shield (which could easily block one of their attacks!) Normally, players will retain their rear-guards so that they can still maintain some offensive pressure, but their aggression would be dampened since Counteract Dragon would be bolstered to shield one of their attacks. In short, Counteract Dragon forces your opponent into a lose-lose situation so that you can ride through their game plan easily! Counteract Dragon joins the group of fearsome disruptor G Guardians like “Sky Guardian Supreme Dragon, Impede Dragon” and “Sky Guardian Supreme Dragon, Bulwark Dragon” that can strike your opponent’s offense down!

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Star Gate Banner

Nova Grappler Banner

Fighting Emperor Dragon, Merciless Dragon

An unexpected foe has entered the arena! “Fighting Emperor Dragon, Merciless Dragon” is another competent Stride that Nova Grappler players can rely on! When your rear-guard is Stand by your card ability, you can Counter-Blast 1 and discard two cards from your hand to Stand this unit! Furthermore, if Merciless Dragon Stand during your main phase, you can attack your opponent’s vanguard with this unit!

Other than this, Merciless Dragon loses a drive after it attacked, so after multiple resolutions it won’t be able to perform drive checks. Of course, you can easily stack your trigger effects onto this card to ensure that this unit can exert significant pressure!

You’ll be able to attack your opponent multiple times with your vanguard with this, even while setting up your board during your main phase! This effect can be used in different scenarios; you can use Merciless Dragon’s effect once to break even in card advantage while also doing more drive checks, or you can go all out and activate it multiple times to potentially win the game.

This ability is quite similar to that of “Beast Deity, Ethics Buster”, so it can be a neat addition to Beast Deity decks! Furthermore, you could discard “Beast Deity, Brainy Papio” for Merciless Dragon’s ability to increase your board presence and maintain pressure with Brainy Papio’s on hit effect!

Other than this, Zystral from YellowCard Vanguard also showcased a combo that focuses primarily around buffing Merciless Dragon and “Furious Puncher”. With key pieces like Furious Puncher, “Extreme Battler, Malyaki” and “Extreme Battler, Ganbarugun”, you’ll be able to unleash numerous high-powered attacks with Merciless Dragon and Furious Puncher that become increasingly difficult to guard! In short, Merciless Dragon is quite the addition to Nova Grappler G zones; it’s definitely something to look towards in certain situations!

Meteokaiser, Stiffneid

Meteokaiser, Stiffneid” is an interesting G Guardian for many Nova Grappler decks. When it is put on the guardian circle, you can Counter-Blast 1 or more cards to give this defender +5000 Shield for each face down card you have in your damage zone! If you Counter-Blast 2 or more cards, you draw a card. If you Counter-Blast 3 or more, you draw another card!

On first glance, this ability may seem lacklustre when comparing the cost and the reward. However, it’s important to note that Counter-Blast and Counter-Charge effects are quite commonplace in Nova Grappler. With cards like “Clay-doll Mechanic”, “Meteokaiser, Dogantitan”, “Meteokaiser, Gundreed” and “Meteokaiser, Unior”, you can be certain that you’ll be able to replenish face up cards in your damage zone quite easily. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about insufficient resources for your offensive strategy the next turn whenever you use Stiffneid! You’ll also be able to gain some card advantage during your opponent’s turn to guard other attacks and obtain key pieces for your offensive push the following turn!

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Dimension Police Banner

Cosmowinger, Unibird Galaxy

The star-studded “Cosmowinger, Unibird Galaxy” blasts off into space in its crusade of righteousness! Firstly, this vanguard gets +10000 Power for each of your rear-guards and cards in your damage zone, allowing it to easily achieve high numbers and be a threatening vanguard as the game progresses. Furthermore, by hitting certain Power thresholds, you could activate other card abilities as well! (For example, “Super Dimensional Robo, Daizaurus” can be used to give Unibird Galaxy even more Power and an additional drive if your vanguard had 35000 or more Power. Your Burst abilities can also come into play when your vanguard gains a certain amount of Power.

After gaining all that Power, you can utilize Unibird Galaxy’s Burst ability! When it attacks with 50000 or more Power, you can flip a card in your G zone face up to give it an additional Critical! If it had 100000 or more Power, Unibird Galaxy also gains two extra drives!

This effect allows you to significantly increase your hand size and generate pressure in situations that you might be damage-denied from using “Bravest Peak, X-gallop” or “Heat Wave Beast, Geomaglass”. Furthermore, since this effect is considered a Burst ability, Unibird Galaxy can also be used in conjunction with “Operator Girl, Linka” to potentially negate the effects of your opponent’s “cannot be hit” effects!

This card completes the trifecta of great Strides that Dimension Police has access to: Geomaglass is relied on to maintain board presence and beef up your grade 3 units with more Power and Shield, while X-gallop is used during turns that you’re confident of winning the game. Now, Unibird Galaxy helps to maintain card advantage and pressure your opponent even when you’re low on resources! You can be sure that Dimension Police will have the tools to mete out swift justice against any aggressors.

Giant Armored-Beast, Giragamelgos

Dimension Police also receives a powerful defensive G Guardian in the form of “Giant Armored-Beast, Giragamelgos”! When it is put on your guardian circle, you can Soul-Blast 1 to add two grade 3 normal units in your drop to your hand! Giragamelgos will also be bolstered with +5000 Shield for each card put into your hand this way!

Giragamelgos is extremely powerful due to its versatility and synergy with other Dimension Police cards. This effect can be used to grab grade 3s to ride the following turn, or to be discarded for Stride! (You could potentially set up Ultimate Stride with “Zeroth Dragon of Destroy Star, Stark” by adding a copy of your grade 3 vanguard to your hand.)

Furthermore, the grade 3s that were added to hand can also be used to defend other attacks if your vanguard is “Super Dimensional Robo, Dailiner” and you have face up copies of Geomaglass in your G zone! (Those cards give your grade 3 cards additional Shield value.) Overall, this card’s utility should be a sign for you to run this in your G zone!

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Link Joker Banner

Nebula Dragon, Cosmic Dawn Dragon

Experience the galactic awakening with “Nebula Dragon, Cosmic Dawn Dragon”! When this vanguard attacks, you can Counter-Blast 1 to look at the top seven cards of your deck, and put two cards from among them onto your rear-guard circles as locked cards. Then, you can choose any number of your locked cards, and unlock them or return them to your hand. Furthermore, you can lock one of your opponent’s rear-guards for every card returned to your hand this way!

Firstly, it’s obvious that Cosmic Dawn Dragon is a huge boost in consistency for Messiah decks! You’ll be able to go through your deck for key offensive pieces like “Genesis Machine Deity, Volkogode” and “Dunamis Messiah”. Then, you can unlock them to unleash even more attacks on your opponent!

Alternatively, Cosmic Dawn Dragon can also be used in other Link Joker decks like Star-vaders and Deletors to increase card advantage and control the opponent’s board! By returning the locked cards that entered your field by this card’s effect to hand, you can lock down your opponent’s board and weaken their offense the next turn!

Furthermore, this Stride is a great response to decks that can prevent you from calling rear-guards! (It bypasses the calling restrictions of “Guilty Empress, Darkface Gredora” and “Lawless Mutant Deity, Obtirandus”.) Cosmic Dawn Dragon is definitely an option to consider in many Link Joker G zones.

Terminal Ending Darkness, Big Ripper

Terminal Ending Darkness, Big Ripper” is another defensive option that Link Joker players can utilize! When it is called to the guardian circle, you can Soul-Blast 1 and lock any number of your back row rear-guards to give it an additional +10000 Shield! Furthermore, you can draw a card if you have two or more locked cards!

This effect is simple, but potent when combined with other supporting cards! Aside from the additional defense, locking your rear-guards prevents them from being affected by your opponent’s card effects and sets up your board for the next turn! You can also activate certain card abilities when your cards are locked! (For example, you could activate “Sacrifice Messiah” to Counter-Charge 1 and give your vanguard a helpful +3000 Power to mitigate Shield costs for defense!)

A G Guardian that you can combine this with is “Genesis Beast, Destiny Guardian”! With Big Ripper, you can guarantee two locked cards on your board before using Destiny Guardian to unlock them again! You could lock cards like “Bending Solid-hit, Vanmaanen” or “Remarkable Burst Monk” and unlock them to draw additional cards!

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Dark Zone Banner

Spike Brothers Banner

Lawless King, Gally Gabalus

Step aside, Tom Brady. The new GOAT of football is the unrivaled “Lawless King, Gally Gabalus”. Whenever your rear-guards attack, they get an additional +10000 Power for that battle. Then, after that battle, they return to the bottom of the deck. This effective ability allows your rear-guards to hit your opponent even harder than usual, and also recycles those allies back into the deck so that you can reuse them again later!

When Gally Gabalus attacks, you can Soul-Blast 1 to call up to two grade 2 or less cards from your deck to open rear-guard circles! Then, all of your rear-guards gain Boost for the rest of the turn! This simple effect enables even more multi-attack for your deck! Combined with this card’s first effect, you don’t have to worry about your rear-guards not being able to hit your opponent’s vanguard!

Living Proof has come up with a variety of combos that revolve around using Gally Gabalus to unleash a massive amount of attacks for minimal resources! Key pieces like “Dudley Davie”, “Ambush Dexter” and “Mecha Instructor” are used to superior call more attackers multiple times, and Gally Gabalus ties them all together by enhancing your offensive pieces and returning them back to deck to be called to the field later! Gally Gabalus is a significantly powerful card that raises the offensive standard of any Spike Brother deck. Anyone who stands in the way of this card is sure to be demolished instantly.

Queen of Sympathy, Villainous Evita

A cheerful supporter on the sidelines of the court is much needed in matches; that’s where “Queen of Sympathy, Villainous Evita” shines at! When it enters the field, you can Counter-Blast 1 to choose three normal units in your drop, and this card gains the original Shield of the chosen cards. If you chose one or more grade 3 cards, you draw a card. You also return all chosen units to the bottom of your deck!

Villainous Evita can be used in a variety of ways. If you want to maximize its defensive capabilities, you could select normal units with 10000 Shield (like V Premium Grade 1s) and return them to your deck. On the other hand, you can also cycle through your deck and maintain card advantage by choosing a grade 3 with its effect, though you will reduce this card’s maximum defense.

Another benefit of using Villainous Evita is that you can put back your key pieces into your deck so that you can continue utilizing them for your offensive plan! If you’re missing an Ambush Dexter or a “Adorbs Perm, Rona” in your deck, this card can be useful in returning them back to deck from your drop so that you can superior call them during your battles with Gally Gabalus! Villainous Evita is definitely a great utility option in any Spike Brothers G zone, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to nab a few copies!

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Dark Irregulars Banner

Ultimate Deep Hades Emperor, Forfax

If you find yourself engulfed in eternal darkness, it’s probably because you’re caught in the clutches of “Ultimate Deep Hades Emperor, Forfax”! After your grade 3 vanguard attacked your opponent’s grade 3 or greater vanguard, if your vanguard is grade 3 and you have thirteen or more cards in soul, you can Counter-Blast 1 and discard five cards from your hand to Stride this card from your G zone as Stand from face down! Furthermore, when Forfax enters the field, if your deck has thirteen or less cards, you can return up to three Critical triggers in your soul back to deck!

Forfax is a great attack extender for multiple Dark Irregulars decks! Specifically, you could use it with “No Life King, Death Anchor” to unleash even more vanguard attacks! In situations that you can’t find key combo pieces like “Hope on Damp” or “Master of Gravity, Baromagnes”, or if you just need one last attack to reach victory, Forfax is an option to go into to pressure your opponent!

On the other hand, this card is also useful in other Dark Irregulars decks that require more focus on their vanguards! You’ll be able to rely on powerful grade 3 units like “Scharhrot Vampir”, “Demon Marquis, Amon” and “Evil God Bishop, Gastille”, using their effects to buff your board and decimate your opponent before superior Striding into Forfax for additional pressure!

Of course, Forfax’s additional effect of returning Critical triggers back to your deck is especially great in situations where your deck size is running low. Not only can you prevent a game loss by deck out, you can also potentially reveal those returned Critical triggers during Forfax’s drive checks for extra pressure!

Forfax serves different purposes for different Dark Irregulars decks. While the No Life King/Baromagnes combo deck might use it as a one-of option in their G zone, other Dark Irregulars decks can see Forfax be an important staple to extend their offense!

Rebellious Storm Princess, Niljahbis

Rebellious Storm Princess, Niljahbis” is an interesting G Guardian for the clan that reduces the offensive efficacy of your opponent’s units! When it enters the guardian circle, you can Counter-Blast 1, and for every ten cards in your soul, you can choose one of your opponent’s units, and it loses 1 Critical for the turn!

This effect can be particularly effective against opponents which are able to increase their units’ Critical quite easily. (Key examples include “Commander Laurel”, “Black Observe, Hamiel” and “Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu”.) With this, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be taking reduced damage against their attacks! Of course, the more soul accumulated over your turns, the more you can maximize Niljahbis’ potential!

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Pale Moon Banner

Trenchant Megatrick, Leontina

Be dazzled as “Trenchant Megatrick, Leontina” puts on a show! When this vanguard attacks, you can Counter-Blast 1 and discard a card from your hand to put all of your rear-guards into soul. Then, you can call up to two cards in your soul to the field for every card that was put to soul this way. Furthermore, if you called four or more cards with different grades, until end of turn, your opponent is forced to call two or more cards from their hand if they want to guard your attacks!

Firstly, Leontina is able to generate a board quickly without requiring much commitment from you. Essentially, Leontina can double your board presence to immediately pressure your opponent with more attacks! This can be particularly helpful in situations where you have a lot of your key pieces in soul but are somehow unable to call them out.

By calling out specific grades of rear-guards, you’ll also be able to force more cards out of your opponent’s hand from Leontina’s effect! This can shred your opponent’s entire hand to pieces, provided you have sufficient pressure and Power on your other rear-guards.

Every Pale Moon archetype has a variety of cards that can work very well with Leontina. For Nightmare Dolls, you can use this to spread a wide board in situations where your key pieces are stuck in soul. For Silver Thorns, you have high-Powered attackers like “Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier” and “Silver Thorn Marionette, Lillian” that can maximize the guard restrictions. And for Harri, you could rely on this to unleash multiple “Starry Pop Dragon” and “Happiness Collector” calls with helpful facilitators like “Purple Trapezist”!

Overall, Leontina has great synergy with many Pale Moon archetypes! It’s definitely worth playing as a 1-2 of in your G zone as an alternate finisher or as a playmaker!

Jester Demonic Beast, Flection Chimera

The ferocious “Jester Demonic Beast, Flection Chimera” has great defensive capabilities for Pale Moon decks! When it enters the field, you can put any number of cards from your hand into your soul to give this guardian an additional +10000 Shield for each card put into soul this way. If two or more cards were put, you can force your opponent to move one of their Stand rear-guards into soul!

Firstly, this G Guardian is able to convert defensively dead cards in your hand into additional Shield! By putting cards that have 5000 or less Shield value into your soul (like G era/ Standard grade 1s or grade 3 units), you’ll be able to gain bonus defense to block high-powered attacks!

Secondly, Flection Chimera also helps to put key pieces into your soul! You’re able to set up subsequent plays that would require your combo pieces in soul! (For example, against cards that prevent sentinels from being called from hand, you could use Flection Chimera to put a Perfect Guard into your soul, before using “Jester Demonic Dragon, Wandering Dragon” to superior call that Perfect Guard to the guardian circle.)

Of course, the ability to put one of your opponent’s rear-guards to soul is also quite potent. Time this effect correctly, and you’ll be able to take out one of your opponent’s key rear-guards!

Flection Chimera is an extremely versatile G Guardian that does wondrous things for Pale Moon! It’s definitely something that you can rely on to set up your game plan and stop your opponent in their tracks.

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Gear Chronicle Banner

Highbrow Steam, Shlishma

Traversing the epochs is the mischievous “Highbrow Steam, Shlishma”! When this vanguard attacks, you can bind one of your front row rear-guards and flip a card in your G zone face up to call up to two cards in your bind zone to the field, and buff your front row units with +10000 Power!

At first glance, Shlishma simply enables more multiattack for Gear Chronicle decks, which is usually a good enough reason to warrant running it in your G zone. However, Shlishma is a phenomenal attack extender for Time Leap combos given how she calls rear-guards directly from the bind zone! When Time Leap effects are activated, you bind the time leaped card, and call a card with grade +1 of the bound card from your deck. With Shlishma, you’ll be able to recall one of your bound rear-guards back to the field! This can be useful in reusing combo pieces like “History-maker Dragon” and “Delayed Blazer Dragon” to enable even more Time Leap combos!

This effect also works very well with the Steam Maiden archetype that was introduced in V Clan Collection Vol. 4. You could use this effect to call powerful attackers like “Steam Maiden, Elul” and “Steam Maiden, Alul” which get stronger as you continue to bind more cards from your other card effects!

However Shlishma also has an interesting secondary effect. After your grade 3 rear-guard attacked, if this card is face up in your G zone, you can Soul-Blast 1 and bind that rear-guard to call Shlishma to the field! You’ll be able to continue your barrage of attacks while also setting up your bind zone with a key grade 3 rear-guard that can be reused when attacking with Shlishma as your vanguard!

This powerful Stride is quite versatile in many Gear Chronicle builds, mainly the Chronojet-Time Leap and the Steam Maiden archetypes. These decks will be able to better wield their bind zone for their offensive plays!

Interdimensional Dragon, History-vision Dragon

Interdimensional Dragon, History-vision Dragon” is a G Guardian that you could consider in certain situations! When it enters the field, you can discard from hand any number of cards with the sum of their grades being grade 3 or greater to give this defender a helpful +20000 Shield boost. If the sum of the grades of the cards discarded total to six or more, you can Counter-Blast 1 to prevent one of your units from being hit during that battle!

Like “Faithful Sacred Staff, Morgause” and “Dark Dragon, Deep Griever Dragon”, this card is used primarily to deal with enemy units that have Perfect Guard restrictions! Of course, the cost for such an effect may seem hefty; thankfully, there are many cards in Gear Chronicle that can be discarded as a grade 3! (like “Steam Scara, Irkab” and “Lost Gear Dog, Eight“.) “Smokegear Dragon” is also a neat option that considers all your discarded cards as grade 3 if your vanguard is “Chronojet Dragon“! In short, there are definitely ways that you can utilize History-vision Dragon’s effect efficiently to stop your opponent’s offensive push!

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Magallanica Banner

Granblue Banner

Pirate King of Everlasting Darkness, Bartholomew

Across the seven seas, there is none more terrible than “Pirate King of Everlasting Darkness, Bartholomew”. When this vanguard attacks, you can Counter-Blast 1 and call three cards with different card names from your drop to the field, and they get +5000 Power! It’s such a simple effect, yet it is one of the most effective ways to multiattack for Granblue! With rear-guards like “Dragon Undead, Skull Dragon” to drive the offense and cards like “Ghostie Leader, Beatrice” or “Mighty Rogue, Nightstorm” to recall Skull Dragon multiple times, Bartholomew’s multiattack potential that is akin to that of the similarly powerful “Vampire Princess of Night Fog, Nightrose”!

However, Bartholomew has another ace up his sleeve. If your drop has 30 or more cards, and when your opponent guards with cards from hand, they must call three or more cards! This phenomenal effect allows your attackers to exert even more pressure, as your opponent would be forced to use up three cards from hand to block an attack. Furthermore, with cards like “Skeleton Seas Navigator” and “Ghostie Great Emperor, Big Obadiah” to increase your drop count, you can easily attain 30 cards in your drop!

Granblue players can now solidify their trio of great Strides that they can rely on in games. They use Big Obadiah as their first Stride to set up their drop, then rely on “Wight Legion Sailing Ship, Bad Bounty” and their attack extenders to put on some pressure with multiple vanguard and Skull Dragon swings. Now, Bartholomew serves as the finisher to end any opponent with its multiattack and guard restrictions. Be very afraid of this card when it reaches your shores, as it will decimate anyone who does not come prepared against Granblue.

Diabolic Princess Singing Under the Moonlight, Oriana

Diabolic Princess Singing Under the Moonlight, Oriana” is a G Guardian you can utilize against high-pressure attackers! When it is put on the guardian circle, you can Counter-Blast 1, and that attacking unit loses 1 Critical for every ten cards in your drop!

This effect is especially useful against attackers that have high Critical or have additional guard restrictions on them! (A key example of this is “Black Observe, Hamiel”, which gains additional Critical and prevents your opponent from using sentinels to block its attack.) Of course, it can also be used to negate any damage in situations that you might not be able to use “Great Witch Doctor of Banquets, Negrolily” to call out Beatrice and “Skeleton Cannoneer” to retire the attacking unit. (This play requires 2 face up cards in your damage zone.) Overall, Oriana is a neat defensive option that diversifies your G zone!

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Bermuda Triangle Banner

Radiate Ocean, Heltrauda

Another fine idol arises from the depths of the seven seas! “Radiate Ocean, Heltrauda” is an amazing Stride for many Bermuda Triangle decks! When this vanguard attacks, you can discard three cards from your hand to return all cards on your circles other than the vanguard circle to your hand, and call up to two cards from your hand to the field! Then, after it attacked, you can Counter-Blast 1 and Soul-Blast 1 to return this Stride to your G zone and Stand your vanguard!

Let’s take a look at what Heltrauda offers on its own first. This card allows you to bounce all cards on the field other than your vanguard back to hand, increasing your card advantage significantly! Furthermore, it can be used to counteract Lock as it basically removes your locked cards on the field without unlocking them! (This is particularly important as “Star-Vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon” is able to gain benefits whenever your rear-guards are unlocked.) After this, you’ll be able to generate even more attacks by calling more rear-guards!

Of course, the main perk of Heltrauda is that it allows you to utilize your heart card’s abilities even during your battle phase! This effect opens up a lot of possibilities with many other Bermuda Triangle decks!

This card works particularly well with “Velvet Voice, Raindear”, enabling at least two additional vanguard attacks! (The first attack occurs from Heltrauda returning to the G zone and putting your heart card at Stand, and the second from riding into another grade 3 or 4 after Raindear attacked.) Raindear’s superior ride effect will also put other powerful mermaids in the spotlight! (Examples of such cards include “Unparalleled Ingenuity, Loura”, “Heart Monopoly, Anezka” and “Perfect Performance, Ange”.)

This Stride is also works great with “Top Idol, Riviere”, allowing you to unleash at least three vanguard attacks on your turn! Furthermore, you can attack with key pieces like “Maturity Talent, Salena” multiple times during your battle phase! (Salena bounces itself to hand and returns to the field again when your “Riviere” vanguard attacks.)

In short, Heltrauda synergises greatly with many Bermuda Triangle boss units; it’s a must-have in every G zone due to the combo potential that it possesses!

Diva of Salvation, Lucrèce

Bermuda Triangle also receives “Diva of Salvation, Lucrèce” to bolster their defenses! When this G Guardian enters the field, you can Counter-Blast 1 and return one of your normal units to hand. Then, you perform an effect based on the grade of the card returned to hand for this cost!

If you returned a grade 2 or less card, Lucrèce gains an additional +15000 Shield, providing instant defense against high-powered attacks! If you returned a grade 3 or more card instead, it gives your vanguard +5000 Power for the turn, potentially reducing the Shield required to guard subsequent attacks!

Of course, Lucrèce’s other benefit lies in bouncing your rear-guards back to hand. Not only can you protect important attackers from enemy interference, you can also reuse the bounced rear-guards to defend other attacks or to set up your offense the following turn! While this effect is quite similar to that of “Hand in Hand, Leona”, Leona encourages you to use that bounced rear-guard for guarding purposes, whereas Lucrèce offers more liberty to how you can utilize the bounced card.

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Aqua Force Banner

Blue Furious Charge Dragon, Furiargus Dragon

Emerging from the crashing waves is the dignified “Blue Furious Charge Dragon, Furiargus Dragon”! After this vanguard attacked, you can Counter-Blast 1 and turn a card in your G zone face up to gain an Imaginary Gift: Accel. Then, you can Stand up to the same number of rear-guards as the number of face up cards in your G zone! You can also choose one of your rear-guards, and move it to an open additional rear-guard circle; that unit also gains +10000 Power!

Furiargus Dragon’s strength lies in its late game potential! As the game progresses, you’re going to have a stronger board presence and more face up cards in the G zone. As such, this card’s restand effect will become much more potent! Outside of this, Furiargus Dragon can also generate another attack by moving a rear-guard to your newly generated additional rear-guard circle! Essentially, you can put an attacker in your back row, before activating Furiargus Dragon to move that attacker to the front row!

Something interesting about Furiargus Dragon is that it can generate Accel circles for decks that don’t have the ability to create them. As such, you could use this Stride together with “Flagship Dragon, Flagburg Dragon” and harness the strengths of both Imaginary Gifts and Persona Ride!

This card is definitely an option worth considering alongside other powerful Strides like “Marine General of Heavenly Silk, Lambros” and “Marshal General of Surging Seas, Alexandros”. Both Lambros and Alexandros are great Strides to go into if you want to ‘go tall’ (strengthen up two of your rear-guards as big threats), whereas Furiargus Dragon helps with “going wide”. (build up a board of smaller threats.) Depending on your situation, you’ll definitely have the chance to utilize this card!

Rebellious Heavenly Flow General, Dianera

Rebellious Heavenly Flow General, Dianera” is an interesting G Guardian for Aqua Force! When it enters the field, you can Counter-Blast 1 and perform one of the following effects depending on which battle of the turn it is! If it is the first battle, you can give your vanguard a helpful +5000 Power for the turn, allowing it to stand strong against enemy attacks! If it is the fourth battle or more, Dianera instead gains +20000 Shield!

Dianera’s usefulness can be compared to another G Guardian: “Blue Storm Deterrence Dragon, Ice Barrier Dragon”. Both cards can activate their abilities on the first battle and the fourth battle or more of that turn. However, while Ice Barrier Dragon’s effect does not require any resources for its effect, the defensive strength of Dianera is greater than that of its predecessor.

In order to maximize Dianera’s defensive potential, you’ll need to assess whether a continuous +5000 Power buff on your vanguard is more valuable than an instant 35000 Shield. With this card in your arsenal, you can be sure to tactically block key attacks from your opponent!

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Zoo Banner

Megacolony Banner

Malignant Mutant Deity, Malignantis

A deadly toxin pervades the atmosphere as “Malignant Mutant Deity, Malignantis” enters the battlefield. Malignantis’ effect can be activated on the vanguard circle or the G zone, and it requires you to Counter-Blast 1 and putting one of your rear-guards into soul. However, if Malignantis is your vanguard you can turn a card in your G zone face up instead for the cost! In exchange, you can retire one of your opponent’s Stand rear-guards. If you retired a card, you draw a card and Counter-Charge 1. If no cards were retired, you can give your opponent’s vanguard -10000 Power!

Essentially, Malignantis provides phenomenal benefits in the form of resource gain or an offensive boost! Furthermore, it’s worth noting how this Stride can be used in conjunction with other powerful Megacolony Strides, like “Guilty Empress, Darkface Gredora“, “Poison Sickle Mutant Deity, Overwhelm” and “Lawless Mutant Deity, Obtirandus“. Combine Malignantis with them to decimate your opponent’s offensive and defensive capabilities! You can even stack Malignantis’ effect with multiple copies to reduce your opponent’s vanguard Power significantly such that they cannot withstand your swarm of attacks!

Even though using multiple Stride abilities will be quite costly resource-wise, you’ll be able to easily regenerate them thanks to the large number of resource generators in the clan like “Mutant Gentleman, High Class Moth” and “Small Captain, Butterfly Officer“. As such, it’ll be quite easy for you to build up pressure on your opponent whilst maintaining composure every turn.

You should definitely consider running the maximum four copies of Malignantis in your G zone, in order to utilize its offensive strengths to edge your opponent out of the game!

Binding Mutant Deity, Cruwebl

Binding Mutant Deity, Cruwebl” is an interesting G Guardian that Megacolony players can employ! When this card enters the field, you can Soul-Blast 1 to give this guardian an additional +30000 Shield! Then, your opponent Rests any number of their rear-guards, and this card loses 10000 Shield for each rear-guard Rest this way.

Cruwebl’s effectiveness is more apparent when your opponent has a limited board. Should your opponent attack with their rear-guards before attacking with their vanguard, you could maximize Cruwebl’s defensive potential as a 45000 Shield guardian! This defender is also particularly great in matchups where your opponent plays a vanguard-centric deck (like Overlord), since they usually won’t have many rear-guards to Rest and reduce Cruwebl’s Shield. It’s definitely a neat option to have in your G zone to deal with large threats without using too much resources.

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Omniscience Dragon, Caladrius

Make 500 IQ plays whenever you Stride into “Omniscience Dragon, Caladrius”! Caladrius allows you to flip a card in your G zone face up to buff all of your front row rear-guards with +10000 Power! When your turn ends, those rear-guards are retired.

This effect ensures your rear-guards attack with optimal numbers, but it’s also useful in activating your units’ Success abilities! (By hitting a certain Power threshold, your rear-guards can become successful and gain additional effects!) While you might think that retiring rear-guards is a detriment to your game plan, Great Nature has access to units that give you benefits when your rear-guards are retired! (for example, “Famous Professor, Bigbelly“.) As such, you’ll be able to regain card advantage and prepare for next turn’s offensive push!

Other than this, when Caladrius attacks, you can Counter-Blast 1 and Stand one of your rear-guards that has 30000 or more Power. Then, whenever that rear-guard attacks during that turn, your opponent is forced to use three or more cards from their hand if they want to guard against its attack!

This effect is extremely powerful when you have access to cards like “Talented Rhinos“, which has additional guard restrictions if it is successful. Essentially, your opponent will be unable to use grade 0s to guard its attack, and they have to commit at least three other cards from hand to block it. Furthermore, with attack extenders like “Crayon Tiger” and “Amazing Professor, Bigbelly“, you could potentially Stand Rhinos multiple times and force out even more cards from your opponent’s hand!

Overall, Caladrius is an offensive Stride that can push your opponent to the brink! It’s definitely worth an inclusion in your Great Nature deck!

Omniscience Dragon, Sebchet-avil

Preserving the knowledge of the clan is the regal “Omniscience Dragon, Sebchet-avil“! When this G Guardian enters the field, you can Counter-Blast 1 and discard the top card of your deck. Then, you can perform one of the following effects depending on the card type of the card discarded. If you discarded a normal unit, Sebchet-avil gains an additional +20000 Shield! If you discarded a trigger unit, you can choose one of your units, and that unit cannot be hit for that battle!

Sebchet-avil offers great defense for little commitment! No matter what card you discard from the top of your deck, you can be sure that this card will still be useful in dealing with your opponent’s attack. If you’re lucky, you could potentially discard cards from your deck that have bonus effects when they are discarded. (Examples include “Taping Cat” and “Coiling Duckbill“.)

Of course, in Isabelle oriented decks, Sebchet-avil’s defensive capabilities are amplified! (This is because Isabelle can allow both your ‘choose one’ effects to activate.) As such, you’ll be able to guarantee this G Guardian’s pseudo-Perfect Guard effect and block an incoming attack easily!

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Flower Princess of Compassion, Ladislava

The cherry blossoms bloom as “Flower Princess of Compassion, Ladislava” prances into the battlefield. This Neo Nectar Stride provides much versatility and toolboxing for your deck! By discarding a card from your hand, you can choose one of your rear-guards, and search your deck for up to two cards with the same grade as that unit. You can then add one of those cards to your hand and call the other to the field!

Essentially, Ladislava increases your board presence and maintains your card advantage while also tutoring key pieces from your deck to advance your game plan! Also, its versatile effect allows you to add a variety of cards to your hand based on the grade of the rear-guard you chose. (In a Musketeer build, you could choose one of your grade 3 rear-guards like “Thorn Lily Musketeer, Cecilia ‘Reverse’“. Then, you can call a copy of it from your deck to the field to prepare its offensive effects and add a Heal Guardian to hand to utilize your G Guardians. This play helps to set up both your offensive and defensive strategies!)

Other than this, when Ladislava attacks, you may Counter-Blast 1, and if you have two or more rear-guards with the same card name, you can Stand two of them! This simple effect enables more multiattack in your Neo Nectar deck; considering how consistent it is to have copies of your rear-guards on the field, you’ll definitely be able to pull off this effect and threaten numerous attacks!

Flower Princess of Dedication, Robertina

Furthermore, Neo Nectar also receives the potent G Guardian “Flower Princess of Dedication, Robertina“! When this card enters the field, you may return up to two normal units with the same name in your drop or on your rear-guard circle to the bottom of your deck. If you do, you Counter-Charge 1, and Robertina gains a significant +15000 Shield!

Practically, Robertina will always benefit your board state! This card returns key pieces back to your deck for further use, regenerates face up cards in your damage zone, and provides much-needed defense! Of course, Robertina will need prior set up (in which you need two cards with the same name in your drop or field), but it’s really easy to achieve this given the many cards in Neo Nectar that can call duplicate rear-guards! In short, Robertina is a potent G Guardian that blesses you abundantly!

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This Premium Collection introduces long-awaited support for every clan’s G zone; some cards are instant staples due to their phenomenal effects, while others fill in certain niches in a clan’s G zone. However, it’s undeniable that these cards will all make an impact on the Premium landscape. Don’t miss out on this game-changing set, now on sale!

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