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Enjoy the summer with the highly anticipated V Special Series: V Clan Collection Vol.5 and Vol.6! The Яeverse phenomenon is still occurring on Planet Cray! As more units have submitted themselves to the Void, there are a devoted few who choose to resist this ancient evil! Let’s dive right in to see the impact of the invasion on the world of Vanguard!

Key Features!

This set features renowned units of Cray that have succumbed to the power of Void and gained sinister new powers! These cards come in a special SP foiling that represents Void’s influence over them, just like the other Яeverse units in V Clan Collection Set 03 and 04!

There are also the unique Vanguard Secret Rare (VSR) cards that come with a special frame treatment! These cards are extremely difficult to find, so you’ll be very lucky to get your hands on one of them!

Innocent Ray Dragon

The quintessential Heal Guardians are also seeing a reprint in this set! These cards help players to stabilize in the early game so that their decks have a chance to shine!

When these Heal Guardians are called to the guardian circle, if you have not ridden a grade 3 or greater unit in that game, you can either give your vanguard +10 000 Power for the rest of the turn, or give one of the opponent’s units Critical -2 for that battle! They can act as a defensive trigger to shut down multiple enemy attacks, or reduce a threatening attack from units like “Dragonic Overlord “The X”” to nothingness!

Should you have no cards in their damage zone, you can call these cards from hand to put the top card of your deck into your damage zone! This helps to mitigate the effects of “damage denial” strategies from the opponent where the opponent deliberately does not attack your vanguard in order to not give you any Counter-Blast, allowing you to utilize card abilities and carry out your game plan!

Some of these Heal Guardians hold even more importance in specific decks! “Super Dimensional Robo, Dailiner” can further increase the Shield value of the clan’s Heal Guardian, while “Chronojet Dragon” and “Chronofang Tiger” can discard these Heal Guardians to pay for their pseudo-Stride abilities!

Heal Guardians can also be used in Premium to Stride and call G Guardians! To sum it up, these cards are extremely versatile to be run in any deck!

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The beautiful Jewel Knights return in this Clan Collection with even greater fervor! This time, the beautiful but deadly “Broken Heart Jewel Knight, Ashlei “Reverse”” finally makes an entrance! With board building capabilities, superb multiattack and sentinel restrict, this vanguard will become the focal point of any Jewel Knight deck!

Also returning are “Banding Jewel Knight, Miranda” and “Security Jewel Knight, Alwain”! Miranda can become a powerful ally, gaining Power equivalent to that of your vanguard’s; it also regenerates soul and face up damage when an ally is called over it! On the other hand, Alwain empowers Ashlei “Reverse” greatly while managing your soul and refilling your deck. It also adds key “Jewel Knight” cards to hand when she is replaced on the field. This trio of valiant warriors are a must-have if you want to upgrade your Jewel Knight deck!

Important Jewel Knight pieces are also seeing a reprint in this set! “Pure Heart Jewel Knight, Ashlei” helps with extending your deck’s attack potential by rallying other Jewel Knights to the field, and can strengthen allies called over it by giving them an extra Critical!

Explode Jewel Knight, Laile” is a great rear-guard to have at any point in the game; it’s a great attacker that Soul-Charges and recycles allies back into the deck, and can enhance allies replacing it! As for “Charging Jewel Knight, Morvidus”, it can be likened to another copy of Alwain that draws a card instead when replaced!

The simplicity of these three Jewel Knights allows them to also be played in other Royal Paladin decks like “Majesty Lord Blaster” and “Seeker, Thing Saver Dragon”! Don’t miss out on these three key staples!

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The Battle Sisters are ready to brawl it out with their arsenal of weaponry! Introducing the deranged “Heretic Battle Sister, Fromage “Reverse”“: this crazed version of Fromage stacks the deck and draws multiple cards while buffing all Battle Sisters for every locked card on your field! Rain down hellfire consistently with a barrage of triggers every turn!

To keep up with the firepower of the deck, you have “Battle Sister, Mocha” and “Battle Sister, Cocoa”! Mocha gives you a selective card draw when it is rode upon, and can be a two-way ally on offense and defense! Cocoa calls itself to the field when ridden upon, and manipulates the top card of your deck to prepare your troops for battle!

You’ll also need the original trio of Battle Sisters that were introduced in “Clan Selection Vol.1 and 2”! “Battle Sister, Fromage” becomes an alternative ride for the deck now that Fromage “Reverse” is here; it draws cards, buffs Battle Sister allies and stacks the deck!

Battle Sister, Trifle” remains as the deck’s main win condition; not only does it stack the deck and call more Battle Sisters to the field, it also prevents your opponent from using sentinels to block her attack! You’ll want to give as much Power to it as possible from your trigger effects! Finally, “Battle Sister, Torrijas” helps to add Battle Sister pieces to hand for free and becomes a reliable ally on offense! These three cards are ever so crucial to the functioning of the archetype.

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The heavens and the earth collide as the new Regalia support descends upon us! Meet “Regalia of Blessed Love, Freyg”. Not only does Freyg bestow godly protection and blessings to allies who have divine gauge, it also builds a board of Regalia allies easily! You can also discard your divine gauge to deal damage to your opponent’s vanguard! In short, Freyg is the vanguard that Regalia needs to push your opponent to the brink!

Closely behind Freyg is the pure-hearted “Regalia of Avowal, Luriljissa” and “Ordain Owl”. Like Freyg, Luriljissa helps to call more Regalia rear-guards and gives them divine gauge when ridden; if it’s called to the field instead, you can amass Regalia cards in your drop to soul as fuel for divine gauge or card costs! As for Ordain Owl, it calls itself to the field when rode upon; use it to boost a Regalia ally to move it to soul and draw a card!

Cosmic Regalia, CEO Yggdrasil”, “Regalia of Wisdom, Norn” and “Twilight Hunter, Artemis” are very important cards to the operations of the Regalia deck! CEO Yggdrasil confers Boost to all allies with divine gauge, and can protect them from harm if it’s your vanguard! CEO Yggdrasil also seeks its mate Norn, giving it a divine gauge! Norn helps to raise the offensive ceiling of the deck; it draws cards, spreads divine gauge amongst allies and amasses more soul. Furthermore, it also Stands Regalia allies that it boosted! (including your vanguard!)

Both CEO Yggdrasil and Norn play well with other Genesis vanguards like “Oracle Queen, Himiko” and “Goddess of Good Luck, Fortuna”! Their otherworldly synergy is also what allows them to excel in the Premium variant of Regalia!

Finally, Artemis is an attacker that becomes more deadly as it gains more divine gauge; Artemis can even gain divine gauge on its own when its attack hits! To conclude, your Regalia deck will definitely need these three cards to perform to the best standard!

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The captivating “Circular Saw, Kiriel” returns to the V Premium format with some new allies! By accumulating Protect 2 markers, Kiriel’s blade will become more deadly! Break the mold with multi-attack from your damage zone and endless “Rescue” checks!

Supporting Kiriel are the adorable “Ammunition Angel” and “Beriberi Beat Angel”! Ammunition Angel can remove enemy rear-guards and become a great attacker, while Beriberi Beat Angel calls an ally from your damage zone when rode upon and serves as a versatile defender for the deck!

The regal “Heavenly Judgment of Composition, Heathcourt” provides much-needed utility to your Keter Sanctuary decks! It gains +5000 Power if a grade 3 card was revealed for your drive check; in a Bastion deck with high grade 3 ratios, you can expect that this ability can pop off consistently!

Of course, Heathcourt’s usefulness lies in its second ability. When it is retired during your opponent’s turn, you can Soul-Blast 1 to put a grade 3 card in your drop other than another copy of Heathcourt back into your hand! This ability is extremely versatile; you can grab your Persona Ride pieces in your drop for later use; you could grab some defensive grade 3s like “Actual Analyst, Kokabiel” and “Heavenly Enclasp Dragon, Embrace Dragon” to block other attacks! To activate Heathcourt reliably, you could consider Blitz Orders like “Blessing of the Hell Dragon” which can retire Heathcourt for defensive buffs!

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This set, we have three cards unique for different Shadow Paladin archetypes! “Revenger, Dragruler Phantom” is the awakened form of the renowned Mordred Phantom, and it absolutely decimates anyone in its path! It enters the field with a bang by assisting in board building and pushing your opponent closer to their end; Dragruler Phantom also initiates a powerful multi-attack strategy with “Blaster Dark” and another Revenger!

On the other side of the spectrum, we have “Origin Mage, Ildona”. Ildona becomes a grade 1 in deck and drop, synergizing with vanguards like “Dragheart, Luard” and “Claret Sword Dragon”! (Use “Nightmare Painter” to move Ildona from drop to soul to activate “Dragdriver, Luard”’s double Critical ability on grade 1 allies early!) Ildona also adds ride consistency to decks that have high grade 1 counts, and generates card advantage by sacrificing other allies.

Last but not least, the beguiling “Witch of Cursed Talisman, Etain” enhances the disruptive capabilities of the Witch archetype! It can retire enemies even during your opponent’s battle phase, diminishing their offensive potential! Etain also gains Intercept and prevents any enemy interaction with it, allowing it to be one of the game’s premier defenders!

The entourage of Shadow Paladin Witches are also returning in this set! “Mesmerizing Witch, Fianna” can seek its mate “Witch of Reality, Femme” and make Femme a temporary vanguard for the turn! Fianna also buffs all vanguards for every grade 0 on the enemy field!

As for Femme, it can hex enemy allies, turning them into harmless grade 0s! If there are no enemies to turn to grade 0s, Femme gains a drive instead! By becoming a vanguard alongside Fianna, it’ll also enjoy the power gains from flooding your opponent’s board with grade 0s!

Finally, we have the petite “Cold-blooded Witch, Luba” that draws a card while recycling key pieces back to deck! Put these three cards together alongside Etain and “Skull Witch, Nemain” to form a competent Witch core!

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Like Shadow Paladin, Gold Paladin also receives a trio of cards that support a variety of archetypes! Firstly, we have the duplicitous “Spectral Dupe Dragon “Reverse””! While this vanguard loses the defensive benefits that “Spectral Duke Dragon” had, it gains vastly improved offensive capabilities with increased Power, a restand and superior ride! It’ll definitely be the game ending card to look out for when playing Spectral Duke.

We also have the magnificent “Liberator, Holy Shine Dragon”; use it to create even more Accel markers by superior riding into “Bluish Flame Liberator, Percival” or “Bluish Flame Liberator, Prominence Core”. Then, summon more allies with your card abilities and break through the darkness!

There’s also the standalone “Conviction Dragon, Chromejailer Dragon”. Using a “Persona Blast”, you can summon as many allies from your deck to the field. Hit back at your opponent with a vengeful vanguard and your troops!

With Spectral Dupe coming to town, the Spectral Duke ride line is getting a reprint! The titular “Spectral Duke Dragon” can gain base stats equivalent to that of a grade 3 vanguard from a Force clan, allowing it to attack and defend optimally! Furthermore, you can sacrifice rear-guards to gain another vanguard attack; when you’re pushed to your limit, you can even gain an additional drive on that second vanguard attack!

Like Spectral Duke, “Black Dragon Knight, Vortimer” also has base stats equal to their grade 2 counterparts in a Force clan. Not only does it replenish face up damage when retired by card abilities, Vortimer can also call two allies from your deck for free when ridden upon by Spectral Duke! As for “Scout of Darkness, Vortimer”, it adds ride consistency to the deck, and can empower your vanguard attack when retired! You’ll need all three of these cards to make a dangerous Spectral Duke deck, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to get them all!

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Kagero Banner

The three cards that Kagero is receiving from this set are a callback to the iconic bosses of the original era! First, we have the dominating “Dragonic Overlord “The Re-birth””! By locking all of your allies, it can attack up to three times while laying waste to your opponent’s board! Cards like “Wyvern Strike, Doha” and “Wyvern Strike, Garan” can be useful to fill up your board and conserve your hand!

The “Embodiment of Victory, Aleph” also makes its debut in the V Series! This devilish foe can superior ride early and enhance other Embodiment allies to inherit its Power; with the Diabolo Buster, play aggressively to knock your opponent out of the game!

There’s also the valiant “Dragon Monk, Goku” that can gain drives and perform a variety of effects based on the grades revealed during its drive check! Even when you’re not revealing triggers during its attack, Goku will continue to attack with ferocity that encourages your allies as well!

Dauntless Drive Dragon”, “Break Breath Dragon” and “Dragon Knight, Hishat” are some of Kagero’s finest support cards. Dauntless Drive buffs allies even when you fail to reveal triggers during your drive check, and can Stand again to dish out another attack! When ridden upon, the new vanguard also inherits all of its powers! Combine this with any Kagero vanguard to instantly elevate your offensive output!

As a rear-guard, Break Breath can draw a card after attacking if an enemy rear-guard was retired that turn; it can also retire an opposing troop or draw a card when ridden upon! Finally, Hishat adds ride consistency to most Kagero decks alongside “Lava Flow Dragon”, and can be called to the field to draw cards and remove pesky enemies on the field! Any Kagero deck will certainly benefit from running these three cards!

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The highly skilled “Shikigami Master, Ryougi” is joined by two adorable shikigami! This vanguard also employs the Stealth Fiends to do its bidding, using them as attackers that inherit their master’s name! Even when Ryougi’s attack fails to hit, you can recall Stealth Fiends from your drop back to the field to finish the job!

Stealth Fiend, Fuukan” and “Stealth Fiend, Taizan” are the ghostly beasts accompanying Ryougi; while small in size, it’s best to not mess with them! They gain power when called by card abilities (namely Ryougi), and also do other helpful things for their master! If their attacks do not hit, Fuukan empowers all allies with the same name as Ryougi, while Taizan can add important grade 3s from deck to hand! (like Ryougi or Shirayuki!)

These three reprints are extremely crucial to many Murakumo decks thanks to their ease of use and utility! “Fantasy Petal Storm, Shirayuki” can enter the field to debuff your opponent’s board; you can use this on offense and defense! If its attack does not hit, Shirayuki can add a copy of itself in drop to hand to prepare for defense!

To ensure you can find Shirayuki copies easily, “Stealth Fiend, Jakotsu Girl” and “Stealth Fiend, Rainy Madame” assist from the shadows! When its attack does not hit, Jakotsu Girl can find two Shirayuki copies from the deck, put one into your hand and discard the other; if the search fails, you can replenish soul! On the other hand, Rainy Madame can replenish soul while adding a Shirayuki in drop to hand when any unit’s attack misses the mark. If you’re looking to build decks like Yasuie in V Premium or Shirayuki in Premium, these three cards are a must-have!

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Narukami Banner

Extinguish the hopes of your opponents with the new wave of Narukami support! Firstly, there’s the crazed “Eradicator, Vowing Saber Dragon “Reverse””! Not only can it bind cards from your opponent’s hand, field and drop, it also retains the ability to bind copies of bound cards from your opponent’s deck and power up allies! Vowing Saber can potentially Stand all rear-guards on attack as well, making it a terrifying foe in the V Premium and Premium formats!

We also have “Eradicator, Sweep Command Dragon” returning! Swooping into the field, Sweep Command binds front row enemies and moves opposing supporters to a more vulnerable position! You could also bind more enemies ,gain more Accel markers and recall fallen Eradicators to the field when enemy rear-guards are bound! In Premium, you have access to “Eradicator, First Thunder Dracokid” and “Eradicator, Unruly Dragon” to potentially superior ride Sweep Command during your opponent’s battle phase, disrupting their entire offensive strategy!

Who could forget the deadly “Armor Break Dragon”! This vanguard binds all enemy front row rear-guards and gains significant Power and Critical for each open rear-guard circle on your opponent’s field! If you’re at four or more damage, you can even prevent your opponent from blocking its attack with sentinels from hand! Use Armor Break as a finisher against any deck! (It’s especially effective against Accel decks that generate additional front row rear-guard circles.)

Returning in this set are essential Eradicators like “Eradicator, Dragonic Descendant”, “Lightning Whip Eradicator, Suheil” and “Eradicator, Spark Raze Dragon”! Dragonic Descendant can bind enemy attackers, and Stands again if it’s attack fails to hit. If it would ride over your Eradicator vanguard, it gains all of that card’s abilities! Use this to combine Dragonic Descendant’s strength with other vanguards like Vowing Saber and “Eradicator, Gauntlet Buster Dragon”!

Suheil’s a great ally that gains Power if it’s on an Accel circle; by calling it, you can bind enemy attackers and cycle through your deck! Finally, Spark Raze adds much needed consistency to the deck; like “Isolation Eradicator, Nusku”, it adds any Eradicator from the top five cards of your deck to your hand! It also has on-hit pressure to draw a card, allowing it to be useful for grade 2 gaming in Premium!

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Nubatama Banner

Evil Stealth Dragon, Magoroku “Fugen”” introduces a new way to utilize Evil Decoy tokens in Nubatama! This vanguard empowers all attackers for every Evil Decoy on the field with extra Power and Critical; it can also call more Evil Decoys and generate Protect markers when your rear-guard returns to your hand! Build up an impregnable defense and hit back at your opponent with three threatening attacks!

Supporting Magoroku “Fugen” are the brooding “Evil Stealth Dragon, Kageugachi” and “Stealth Beast, Magami”. Kageugachi enters the field and calls an Evil Decoy to the field; it also confers Boost capabilities and Power to them to aid on offense! Magami can retire those tokens to replenish soul, and can set up Magoroku “Fugen” by bouncing itself and the attacker it boosted to hand!

Stealth Beast, Shishi Ressou” and “Evil Stealth Dragon, Gyokusen” are also great allies to consider for your deck! Shishi Ressou becomes a great attacker and defender if three or more rear-guards were called during either player’s turn; on the other hand, Gyokusen can return itself to hand from drop or add a grade 3 card in soul to hand when your grade 3 vanguard is placed! It also generates Evil Decoy tokens when bounced to hand! It’s a versatile card that synergizes well with vanguards like Magoroku “Fugen” and Hanzo.

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Tachikaze Banner

The prehistoric age of dinosaurs returns as Tachikaze receives a new wave of Ancient Dragon support! Let’s first take a look at the tyrannical “Eradication Ancient Dragon, Spinodriver “Reverse””! It draws and calls multiple cards to the field while giving them equip gauges; it also gives all Ancient Dragon troops a bonus Critical when you drive check a Front trigger, making all subsequent attacks very deadly! This new pack leader of the Ancient Dragons is not one to be messed with!

Ancient Dragon, Tyrannolegend” and “Ancient Dragon, Babyrex” are also key cards to consider in the deck as well! Both cards can gain equip gauge when a trigger is revealed during your drive check. Tyrannolegend becomes a strong attacker that also stacks your deck with a Front trigger, and can consume allies to draw cards! As for Babyrex, it can extend your attack combos after it is retired by calling a grade 3 from your deck!

There’s also the important True Ancient Dragons that have great offensive capabilities! They can gain a Critical when a Front trigger is revealed during your drive check, allowing them to exert more pressure! Aloneros and Pterafeed can swarm your board with numerous Ancient Dragons, while Heft Styraco gains additional Power and immunity from enemy retire effects if it’s on an Accel circle.

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Dimension Police Banner

In this set, Dimension Police focuses on a variety of decks! Firstly, there is the power-hungry “Dark Dimensional Robo, “Reverse” Daiyusha”! This vanguard can superior ride during your battles only if Dimensional Robo units attacked during that turn, generating yet another devastating vanguard attack! You could even combine this with “Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daiyusha” to achieve three vanguard attacks! “Reverse” Daiyusha also weakens your opponent’s vanguard, allowing your attacks to hit more easily!

Secondly, “Enigman Storm” returns to the game to restore justice! This vanguard gains enormous Power for each Enigman in soul; even though this is the only Enigman card in the V Premium format currently, there are many Enigman support cards in Premium that can maximize this ability! Enigman Storm can also gain massive benefits when your attack step begins based on its Power!

Lastly, we have the elusive “Metalborg, Mist Ghost” that gives more consistency to the Metalborg archetype! Mist Ghost also aids on offense, buffing your newly placed grade 3 vanguard!

Three key Dimensional Robo cards are also being reprinted! “Super Dimensional Robo, Daizaurus” can become a powerful vanguard attacker based on the number of cards in your damage zone; it also serves as a useful rear-guard that enhances your vanguard with more Power and drives!

Dimensional Robo, Daidumper” is an impactful vanguard in the early game, conferring +10 000 Shield to all grade 3 units to help you survive early aggression! This is why Daidumper is a staple card in Premium; with so many grade 3s being run in your deck, you’ll need the extra defense to survive until you stabilize with “Super Dimensional Robo, Dailiner” and multiple face up copies of “Heat Wave Beast, Geomaglass” in your G zone. Daidumper’s ability to gain +10 000 Power when attacking as a rear-guard also helps Dimension Police’s grade 2 gaming capabilities!

There’s also “Dimensional Robo, Daijacker” that can confer extra Critical to your vanguard to make it more threatening! This pressure is significantly amplified with multiple Force markers stacked on your vanguard circle!

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Nova Grappler Banner

Nova Grappler fans can also enjoy a variety of unique boss units! Firstly, we have the “Strongest Beast Deity, Ethics Buster Extreme”! This vanguard empowers itself when your Beast Deity ally Stands; it also Stands your board of Beast Deities when your drive check reveals a Beast Deity! Combine this with the original Ethics Buster and allies like “Beast Deity, Illuminal Dragon” to unleash an endless assault!

We also have the highly anticipated “War Deity, Asura Kaiser”! This card superior rides over the original Asura Kaiser, and sets up your drive checks for its ultimate ability: Stand all of your allies when you drive check a grade 2 or greater card! With support cards like “Extreme Battler, Sazanda”, you can Stand and buff your whole board!

There’s also the generic “Ultimate Lifeform, Cosmo Lord” that becomes a great attacker if you don’t have any Stand rear-guards! In exchange for Resting some of your allies, Cosmo Lord also gains the ability to Stand again after attacking!

With Ethics Buster Extreme and War Deity making their debut in the V Series, it’s only fitting that their original forms also return this set! “Beast Deity, Ethics Buster” can attack your opponent’s vanguard when it’s placed or ridden upon; the Beast Deities are able to attack your opponent’s vanguard during the ride phase or main phase! Ethics Buster also helps out other Beast Deities by strengthening them on attack!

As for Asura Kaiser, it can Stand allies when your drive check reveals a grade 2 or greater card; it can even empower that Stand unit if you revealed a grade 3 or greater! For the most part, this original form is mainly needed for War Deity’s superior ride!

We also have an important ally in “Kick Kick Typhoon”! It can buff other allies when it enters the field, and Stand another rear-guard on attack! Its relative ease to extend your attack potential is quite valued in many Nova Grappler decks!

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Link Joker Banner

The ultimate weapon is finally complete. “Star-vader, “Omega” Glendios” returns to terrorize Cray alongside its loyal Star-vader lackeys! Not only does this vanguard empower Reversed units, it also can lock an enemy troop when a Reverse ally enters the field. “Omega” Glendios also retains its Omega Lock and World End abilities, so you can control the board and edge to a victory!

Key supports of “Omega” Glendios include “Star-vader, Magnet Hollow”, “Taboo Star-vader, Rubidium” and “Star-vader, Worldline Dragon”! Magnet Hollow and Rubidium can put Reverse cards in your deck to hand; Magnet Hollow also becomes stronger as more Reverse cards are put into your bind zone, while Rubidium provides essential defense by conferring Shield to Reverse cards! As for Worldline Dragon you can use it to find important Star-vaders like Zirconium and Craving Claw!

Star-vaders like “Bisection Star-vader, Zirconium” and “Star-vader, Craving Claw” are making a comeback! Zirconium can put the top card of your opponent’s deck onto the field as a locked card, gaining Power and drawing a card if that locked card is put in the back row! It also changes your vanguard’s base Critical to 2 to make vanguard attacks more oppressive! As for Craving Claw, it adds consistency to the deck with its on-hit pressure and can reposition locked cards on the field! Their simplicity and versatility of these two units is valued in all Star-vader decks!

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Dark Zone Banner
Spike Brothers Banner

It’s time to go all out with this rambunctious gang of Spike Brothers players! Juggernaut Maximum has ascended to the next level to become “Juggernaut Maximum Maximum”! This vanguard enhances your teammates to have a greater impact on both offense and defense; it also Stands a column to continue pummeling your opponent! You could even Stand itself and “Agile Fullback” to maximize your offensive output! Juggernaut Maximum Maximum is also a great target for “Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova” to inherit its abilities!

We also have iconic supporters in “Sky Diver” and “Reckless Express”! Both cards are able to call copies of themselves from deck to the field during the main phase (while they move to soul) to reuse their on-place effects! Sky Diver recycles teammates back to deck to be called later while gaining Power, while Reckless Express calls key players from deck to the field!

Let’s also not forget other important Spike Brother staples like “Juggernaut Maximum”, “Adorbs Perm, Rona” and “Powerback Renaldo”! Juggernaut Maximum moves itself to soul and calls a copy of itself during the main phase, becoming a bruiser on the field! Rona calls out important grade 3s from the deck to the field to set up the game plan, and supports a grade 3 from the back row by gaining Boost! Finally, Powerback Renaldo can rally multiple allies to the field according to your vanguard’s grade for minimal cost!

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Pale Moon Banner

Introducing a new way to play Pale Moon: the Morikawa way! We have the unique “Sword Magician, Sarah” that calls a grade 3 performer from the deck and enhances the offensive capabilities of all grade 3 allies! After your drive check revealed a grade 3 card, you can return two allies to your deck to call two grade 3s from soul to the field! With a whole circus of grade 3s to choose from (like “Nightmare Doll, Alice”, “Artilleryman” and “Miracle Pop, Eva”), Sarah can unleash mayhem the moment the show begins!

Two important supporting cards for Sarah are “Pop Out Chimera” and “Engaging Assistant”! Pop Out Chimera considers itself a grade 3 in deck, soul and the trigger zone, allowing itself to be of use to Sarah at any point of the game! It can amass soul, draw cards, and be a competent attacker! As for Engaging Assistant, it helps in consistency by putting grade 3 cards from your deck to soul, before retiring itself to add a grade 3 in soul to hand!

Three cards that are the focal point of Sarah’s show are “Artilleryman”, “Miracle Pop, Eva” and “Tricky Assistant”! Artilleryman’s main purpose is to be a huge booster that also amasses more cards in soul for card draw! (Sarah’s ability to confer Boost allows it to be used as a supporter instead of an attacker to prevent its detrimental final ability from being used.)

For Eva, you’ll want to call it from soul via Sarah’s effect to Soul-Charge and draw more cards! Eva also draws more cards and gives your vanguard more oomph when ridden upon! Finally, Tricky Assistant can be used to remove pesky troops behind enemy lines and put back performers into soul to be called again!

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Dark Irregulars Banner

This set, the Dark Irregulars extend their night of festivities with a new wave of Amon support! Firstly, we have the horrific “Demon World Marquis, Amon “Reverse””! This vanguard becomes more destructive for each card in your soul, and can also call Amon’s disciples in soul to the field to use their abilities! Decimate your opponent with three dangerous attacks!

Supporting the grand demon are “Amon’s Follower, Soul Sucker” and “Amon’s Follower, Atrocious Blow”. Soul Sucker accumulates soul quickly and becomes a useful attacker that draws a card! As for Atrocious Blow, it adds Amon grade 3s from your deck to hand for ride consistency and buffs Amon units for each card in your soul!

The three cards being reprinted for Dark Irregulars are staples in most decks! “Number of Terror” becomes an awesome attacker or defender when it enters the field, and can move other rear-guards to soul to draw two cards on attack! It’s a card that often sees play with “Scharhrot Vampir” due to the latter’s restanding ability! There’s also “Megarock Gigant”, which has great defensive abilities attached with a cost that can be reduced by amassing more soul! Finally, we also have “Yellow Bolt”, a key grade 1 that can Soul-Charges when attacking or when ridden upon! (It also draws a card if you Soul-Charged a trigger unit!)

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Gear Chronicle Banner

Gear Chronicle continues to manipulate their bind zone with this new wave of support! “Retroactive Time Maiden, Uluru” can return a card in drop to deck or bind it to gain massive Shield, and can also be superior called to the guardian circle from drop by discarding a Heal! After that, Uluru moves itself to the bind zone!

We also have a duo in “Steam Maiden, Entarahna” and “Traveling with the Storm, Gear Cat”! Entarahna can call Gear Cat to the field from deck, before activating Gear Cat to add a Steam Maiden from your deck to hand! After attacking while boosted, Entarahna has selective card draw and bind! On the other hand, Gear Cat becomes a stronger booster as more cards are in the bind zone! These cards are phenomenal allies in the Steam Maidens build, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to get them!

Gear Chronicle’s reprints are nothing short of impressive as well. “Chronojet Dragon” returns with a new art; it has its pseudo Stride ability to superior ride a grade 4 from deck, and gains sentinel restrict and Power when it attacks!

There’s also an interesting tech option in “Steam Performer, Kulm”! It can prevent itself from being targeted by enemy card effects, before replacing an enemy attacker with the top card of their deck when their battle phase starts!

Finally, there is the important “Lost Gear Dog, Eight” that ensures your grade 3 ride target! It can also be discarded as a grade 3 to pay for pseudo-Stride effects from Chronojet and “Chronofang Tiger”, as well as for Stride costs in Premium!

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Magallanica Banner
Bermuda Triangle Banner

The popular Duo archetype is finally returning to the V Premium format! Ushering in the idol group is the sensational “Duo Temptation, Reit”! It binds a rear-guard for card draw, and has a powerful multi-attack pattern consisting of a vanguard restand and a superior call from the bind zone!

Supporting Reit are lovely idols “Duo Mini Heart, Rhone” and “Duo Pretty Horn, Ural”. Rhone is a great attacker that grows stronger with every card in your bind zone, and also searches out copies of cards in your bind zone from deck to be added to hand to set up Reit’s multi-attack! As for Ural, it binds any card from deck when ridden, proving to be helpful support for both PR♥ISMs and Duos! When called from hand instead, Ural returns allies in drop back to deck and cycles through your deck!

Legendary PR♥ISM-Duo, Nectaria”, “Noir Fixer, Hilda” and “Ingenuous, Mernil” are great considerations for the Duo archetype! Nectaria can bind itself to put any card from your deck into the bind zone, allowing you to accumulate key cards in the bind zone quickly! It’s also a powerful rear-guard that can also be ridden for additional benefits!

Hilda can be used as a booster for your offensive columns; it also Stands when a grade 3 or greater unit is placed during your battle phase! Finally, Mernil can cycle through your deck and give your vanguard extra Power when a grade 3 or greater unit is called mid battle! You can call Nectaria from the bind zone to the field by Reit’s ability to activate both Hilda and Mernil!

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Aqua Force Banner

Fear the oceans as the Ripple ride line returns! “Thundering Ripple, Genovious” has board building capabilities, and when pushed to the brink, it Stands and empowers all allies! Launch wave after wave of attacks until your opponent drowns under all that pressure!

To aid in the consistency of the deck, you have “Rising Ripple, Pavroth” and “Silent Ripple, Sotirio” that can reliably search out ride targets! Both of them are also competent attackers, gaining extra Power when Stand by Genovious! The Ripples are a well-oiled engine, a reliable fighting unit!

Key Aqua Force cards are also being reprinted! The highly anticipated “Pursuit Assault” becomes stronger as you accumulate more Accel circles; it also draws a card by Resting two allies. Of course, decks like Thavas overcome this by Standing all allies at the beginning of your battle phase! Overall, Pursuit Assault is a must-play in decks that can reliably generate additional rear-guard circles!

We also have “Kelpie Rider, Denis” that increases your board presence for free by Resting an ally, and “Battle Siren, Nerissa” that Stands and empowers itself after being Rest by card effects! If you have four or more Rest rear-guards, Nerissa also moves itself to soul and draws a card when your turn ends!

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Granblue Banner

This set, the Seven Seas crew return to wreak havoc across the oceans! The Seven Seas archetype is known for their on-hit ability that generates a Treasures marker. “Seven Seas Grudgeful Spector, Ogkhiboyaj” is a powerful attacker that also increases your board presence with Seven Seas crewmates by removing a Treasures marker! You also have “Seven Seas Sword King, Nighthaze” that can add important shipmates to hand while accumulating more cards in drop!

There’s also the generic “King Serpent” that regenerates key resources when superior called from drop or retired from the field! You’ll never have to worry about resource management again!

Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist” is the main ride target of the deck. As you accumulate more Treasures markers on your field, your Seven Seas allies become even more dangerous! You’ll enable back row units to be attackers and defenders, empower all crewmates, and unleash a full field restand! Alongside Nightmist is the reliable “Seven Seas Master Swordsman, Slash Shade” that gains enormous Power if there’s a marker on its circle! With Ogkhiboyaj and Slash Shade serving as the bruisers of the deck, there’s nothing that can withstand your full offensive potential!

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Zoo Banner
Megacolony Banner

The new Megacolony support further enhances the Giraffa archetype! Firstly, we have the sinister “Evil Armor Sovereign, Inverse Giraffa “Reverse””! When it attacks, you can force your opponent to call cards from your hand as Rest; if they call cards less than the number of Giraffa grade 3 cards in soul, you can Stand this vanguard! Inverse Giraffa also significantly bolsters your attackers whenever your opponent’s units are placed during your turn! You’ll definitely hit your opponent hard when using Inverse Giraffa!

There’s also generic support in “Megacolony Battler S” and “Megacolony Battler M”! The former can force your opponent to call a card from hand as Rest; you could then Cradle that card or activate Inverse Giraffa’s ability to buff your attackers! Megacolony Battler S can also call itself from drop to the field before activating its first ability! As for Megacolony Battler M, it has potential to be a strong defender depending on how many Rest units your opponent has; it can also call itself to the field if there are no Stand units on your opponent’s field!

Pincer Attack Mutant, Intrude Scissors” is a great multi-attack enabler for many Megacolony decks, calling itself to the field from drop and Standing another rear-guard whilst becoming a strong attacker on its own! There’s also “Water Gang”, which can draw two cards and replenishes your soul when it Stands! (This also works during your stand phase!)

Finally, we have the essential “Mutant Gentleman, High Class Moth”! It is considered a grade 3 in deck and soul, so it’ll be easily searched out thanks to the high number of grade 3 searchers in your deck! It also replenishes resources and reduces your opponent’s defensive efficacy by preventing an Intercept!

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Great Nature Banner

Experience the battle prowess of Great Nature’s most ferocious beasts! We have the apex predator “School Punisher, Leo-pald “Reverse”” that converts your Lottery cards into all card types; this allows its mill effect to be even more potent! Build a board, buff your attackers and accumulate more Accel markers to unleash a stampede!

There’s also the pair of “Magic Scientist, Tester Fox” and “Illusion Scientist, Researcher Fox”. Tester Fox recycles key cards and seeks Researcher Fox from the deck. Then, it empowers it for battle, and retires it when your turn ends to draw a card! Researcher Fox becomes a strong attacker as more cards are discarded from your deck, and adds a copy of your vanguard from deck to your hand when it’s retired to ensure ride consistency.

Binoculus Tiger”, “Barcode Zebra” and “Monoculus Tiger” are key cards for any Great Nature deck that focuses on the Lottery mechanic! Binoculars Tiger can draw cards, retire enemy troops and buff your board on attack; Monoculus Tiger can make an attack it boosted even more unstoppable! Barcode Zebra’s purpose is similar to that of Researcher Fox, except that it can be paired by Monoculus Tiger to form an unstoppable push!

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Neo Nectar Banner

Neo Nectar returns with a new ride line that features enhanced Plant tokens! “Return of Eternity, Grajiorl Dragon” empowers all called Plant tokens, giving them advanced offense and defense! Not only does it recycle cards back to deck to call Plant tokens, it also has a multi-attack that works with its grade 2 and 1 counterparts! You could even consider cards like “Sunlight Garden’s Guide” and “Deep Green Lord, Master Wisteria” to maximize your attacks with your board of enhanced Plants!

Both “Eternal Stability, Grajiorl Dragon” and “Budding Permanence, Grajiorl Dragon” add ride consistency to the deck by being able to search out its higher grade counterpart; they can call an enhanced Plant if the search fails! Other than this, they are important multi-attack pieces that get stronger when placed over Plant tokens!

Important cards to consider in this build are “Maiden of Fall Vine” and “Maiden of Flower Carpet”! Fall Vine serves a similar purpose to the grade 1 Grajiorl Dragon, becoming a great attacker that also draws cards! As for Flower Carpet, its ability to freely call Plant tokens (that will be buffed by the grade 3 Grajiorl Dragon) is much appreciated! It could also provide early game defense by returning itself to hand after retiring two Plants!

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With V Clan Collection Vol.5 and Vol.6, the V Premium format will never be the same! It’s about time to see what decks you can concoct from all these new cards! Don’t miss out on this set, now on sale!

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