English Edition Cardfight!! Vanguard Title Booster Vol. 1: BanG Dream! FILM LIVE

Release Date March 5th, 2021
Featured Clans BanG Dream!
Card Types 60 types of cards (60 new cards)
(VR: 5 / RRR: 5 / RR: 11 / R: 10 / C: 29)
+ SCR: 7 + Various Parallels (SP: 30 + SSR: 30)
2 cards in every pack will definitely be R or above cards!!
※Of the types listed above, some have a version with different illustrations.
(Same name, same abilities)
Others 1 pack contains 7 random cards
1 display contains 12 packs

・BanG Dream! takes on a new stage in Cardfight!! Vanguard!
You can construct decks for each of the bands 《Poppin'Party》, 《Afterglow》, 《Pastel*Palettes》,《Roselia》, and 《Hello, Happy World!》!
Recreate the bands' concert in the cardfight!

・Parallel cards galore!
Cards with Character Signature and cards with Voice Actor Signature are in the works!

・Exclusive box toppers!
A "BanG Dream! FILM LIVE" Gift Marker or Quick Shield Ticket will be included! (Total of 3 types)

・Landscape-oriented cards will be featured in this product too!


©BanG Dream! Project ©BanG Dream! FILM LIVE Project

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